What’s In Your Bag? Make a Duct Tape Bag

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Our motto is always be prepared.

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Do you have a most embarrassing moment from high school? I have two that stand out in my mind. One was when I accidentally went into the boy’s bathroom in the new wing of the school.  Thankfully, it was after class had started so the only person in there was washing his hands, but the way he shrieked and ran down the hall, I must have scared him.  The other time was when I had prepared for “the time of the month” and the pad became dislodged in my purse. I opened my purse to get a pencil and boom! a pad went flying out instead. Naturally,  this did not go unnoticed by all the people (mostly guys) who were sitting in my area.  I am still not sure why the teacher insisted on sitting in alphabetical order instead of letting us sit near our friends. Embarrassing!

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Since these are necessary items we have to keep with us, even when we are on the go, I determined this would not happen to my daughter when she entered high school.  While shopping at Walmart, I came across my daughter’s favorite brand of tampons, U by Kotex, along with their line of pads, Kotex Cleanwear pads. My, how times have changed! These pads and tampons are made to be sleek and discreet so people will not realize it’s time for a visit from Aunt Flo.  They have a special promo going now, allowing us to receive three Goodys hair elastics, which are attached to the box. This offer is only good while supplies last. Since my daughter had been bugging me to get her new hair bands, I was able to fulfill two wishes at once, making me the efficient supermom!
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Not content to allow her to go out with one tucked into her bag, I made a cute duct tape bag to hold her pads or tampons. These are easy enough for beginners to make and are multipurpose.  Since they are low cost,  she can have one to match different outfits or match her mood.   Here’s how to make them:
duct tape bag

You’ll need the following supplies:
One roll of duct tape in the color of your choice
One piece of felt, 12″ length and 3 ” width
scissors or craft knife
1 elastic hair band

Starting at the edge of the felt, place a strip of duct tape across the entire length. Continue to do this, overlapping the duct tape by 1/2 inch, until one side of the piece of felt is covered.

Fold the felt in half. On the left side, place a piece of duct tape along  the length of the fabric, making sure to leave half overlapping the edge.  Fold the overlapping tape onto the other side. Repeat this step with tape on the right side.  I did the same along the top of the pouch.

Make a small x with a craft knife 1 inch from the top of the pouch on one side.  Be sure to cut through both the duct tape and the fabric.  Thread the elastic hair band through the x, making sure the knotted end stays on the inside.  Fold the top of the pouch down one inch. Make a small x in both the folded layers. Pull the hair band through the x.  Voila! A simple, stylish bag that stays closed, preventing any mishaps.

What's in bag

My bag is packed and ready to go.

She’s prepared for any emergencies and can always have a U by Kotex handy.  What’s in your bag?



  1. Peggy Johnson says

    The Duct tape bag is such a great idea and now they have so many colors and patterns to choose from. How fun!

  2. says

    These little bags are adorable! I just love the colors too. You can do so many things with duct tape. My son recently made a big duct tape Sponge Bob and a Lego figure.

  3. says

    What a great idea! I have a teenager who might really like that idea. I’ll be sure to share it with her. I also love bakery on main ( I noticed from the pic!)

  4. says

    Super cute! My eldest created her own little hidey spot for her girlie supplies.
    Nothing like having a tampon fall out of your purse and roll on the floor in front of the hottest guy at school. Ah, memories….

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    The duct tape bag is really cute! I remember a friend of mine went to get a pen out of her purse but pulled out a tampon instead. Of course this was in front of a mixed crowd.

  6. Laura J says

    Oh that is such a cute idea! I love it! I have to get some of the cute duct tape! I just have the old grey stuff :) LOL

  7. says

    You can never have enough hair elastics. More important, you really need to have confidence in your feminine products. I have trusted Kotex for a very long time.

  8. Pam says

    What a great idea and there are so many cute duct tape patterns out there. Those teenage years can be so embarrassing when things happen like that but today’s teens seem to be much more open about it. And that is probably a good thing.

  9. Amy Desrosiers says

    Oh yes, I had the embarrassing period moment from highschool when I went through my outfit..awful!

  10. says

    I think we have all had an embarrassing moment at some point and I just walked into the mens restroom at a fast food place the other day because I was so busy looking down rushing my son to the bathroom I missed the label on the doors! I am getting ready to make a duct tape wallet because I can not find one I like.

  11. says

    That duct tape bag is such a cute idea, and a clever way to conceal pads! Right now, my bag has the basics: my wallet, keys, some sort of sour candy and change. Not sure what else in there, not sure I want to know, lol!

  12. says

    What a cute way to conceal the embarrassing things in our lives! Its a fact of life that we need those things, but for some reason we are all so ready to act like its a shame.

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