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Pretty is as pretty does.” “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” I’ve heard these sayings all my life, but as a self-absorbed teenager, I didn’t believe them.  I was constantly obsessed about my looks.  I was dissatisfied with my hair, which fell into long, curvy waves. Straight was in, and I was out. Don’t even get me started on thinking I was not slim enough.   There were plenty of days I only ate one small meal to make sure I didn’t gain any weight.  And clothing? Were my labels correct so the other kids wouldn’t make fun of me?  My skewered look on beauty continued into my twenties.  When I saw a gray hair at age 21, I yanked it out and never looked back, although poor Bryan was subjected to a litany of questions. “Do you see more gray? Are you sure? Look carefully.”
I spent my twenties realizing  helping others was, for me,  a sign of true beauty, but it wasn’t until I hit 30 and my mom was diagnosed with cancer that I completed my transformation to see real beauty does come from inside. I still wanted to look nice, but my total perspective on beauty changed.  True beauty is found in how you face each day and how you treat others. It’s watching the smile light up someone’s face who is having a bad day when you do a random act of kindness, or sticking up for a cause you believe in. It’s making a decision that is important to you even if other’s don’t agree or saying “No” to something you disagree with, even if it makes you unpopular.  I wish I had learned this lesson in high school and not been like a lemming pushed along with the crowd.

This year is  the 10th anniversary of the Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty, and I’m thrilled to join the brand and Walgreens to start conversations on self esteem and redefine what it means to be beautiful.  Over the years I have noticed that  Dove® listens  to women and shows pictures of real women in their campaigns. Want to share your thoughts on real beauty? Join us for a twitter chat on March 12th using the hashtag #DoveBeautyChat.  You can also be  rewarded by purchasing  two Dove® products at Walgreens and earning 2,000 Balance Rewards points.

Have you tried  Dove® Deep Moisture Body Wash with NutriumMoisture® , the White Beauty Bar cotaining pure moisturizing cream, the Cool Moisture Shampoo with patented MICROMOISTURE Serum or the Invisible Solids in Powder scent deodorant?

 What do you think defines real beauty?


  1. says

    Dove has really been doing so much to promote women’s self esteem and beauty as a real feeling. I love it! And, I absolutely adore the picture with the goats!!! Are those this year’s kids? So cute! My friend raises Lamanchas and her prize doe just kidded quads!! Three does and a buck! Awesome.

  2. says

    I am sorry it took something like your mom getting cancer to find out that beauty is on the inside and I hope she is doing well now. I think we are all that way when we are young and some never grow out of it. I just experienced dove products, we were in a temporary house while searching for our own and the person left some for the guests that stay there. I really enjoyed them so I ended up buying some when we found our own home. If it can handle the damage the harsh winter up here is doing to my skin, it has to be pretty good.

  3. says

    Real beauty comes from within. I have seen women that would be considered supermodels, but because of their personality or opinions were uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame. A kind person is always more beautiful.

  4. martha says

    this is the single thing that I struggle with most in parenting. that beauty comes from within. society doesn’t help us teach it!

  5. brett says

    Dove is one of my favorite brands. This campaign is a big reason why. Let’s celebrate the beauty in all of us!

  6. says

    I love Dove products. I like how they use their marketing strategies to create conversations on an important topic. I feel all young girls go through societal pressures of not feeling pretty enough. Life does have a way of humbling those teenage misconceptions.

  7. says

    I use Dove products all the time. I love how soft they are on my sensitive skin. For me, I think beauty is being confident in yourself, smiling, laughing, and taking care of yourself.

  8. says

    I love pretty much all Dove products. I especially loves the shampoo, which I have a hard time finding right now.
    I think beauty lies in actions of people,. and I teach my children that everyone is beautiful .

  9. says

    Agreed – beauty comes from within. As I get older and watch my youth disappear, I realize that as long as I am happy and share my personality, that I feel young.

    I’ve never tried the Dove products with NutriumMoisture.

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I applaud Dove for starting this initiative. I don’t know why we all have poor sel-esteem but it definitely is true.

  11. says

    I especially love that Dove video that came out earlier this year or late last year where they had the artist drawing women as they described themselves, then had the artist draw a picture the way a stranger described the same woman. Hard to explain but if you saw the ad, you’d know what I was trying to explain…anyways, I thought that was really neat about showing the way women view themselves vs how others see them.

  12. says

    Dove won me over at the start of this campaign. And if their products weren’t already amazing, I would buy them because of how they portray women. As a mom to a daughter, I’m always thinking about how I can teach her that beauty is within, despite what the outside world tells her… because Dove is doing the same, I embrace them!

  13. says

    I think that if you’re mean on the inside, it’s going to show. Being a good person goes a long way in making someone beautiful.

  14. says

    I absolutely loved this Selfie video. I hate, HATE, posting pictures of myself but I am slowly beginning to lose my self-consciousness about it. Slowly. Dove has been doing a great job with this.

  15. says

    I agree beauty is as they say skin deep the outside does not matter. Real beauty is people who think of others, and who try to make this world a little better than they found it.

  16. says

    I love this campaign from Dove! True beauty is def on the inside. You can be “gorgeous” on the outside and evil on the inside which def does not make you beautiful. Each of us has to embrace our own beauty.

  17. says

    As I get older, I care less about looking “beautiful” and more about feeling beautiful. I no longer feel the need to put make up on before I go out to the market or Target in fear that I might run into someone I know. I am what I am and I am ok with that. It feels good not to care.

    I do love Dove products and I love this campaign.

  18. says

    I love Dove products. At one point it was the only product I could use because of my sensitive skin. Now that there are so much all natural products on the market I’ve gotten lucky. Dove products are awesome!

  19. Kristen says

    I think that everyone looks even more beautiful when they smile. I love Dove. Especially the cucumber body wash.

  20. Elisebet F says

    I think Dove has the best scented products! I always find a confident woman beautiful, even if she doesn’t fit the industry standard of “beauty.” If a woman has a sweet, kind, loving spirit, I find that beautiful too. So I guess it’s really personality that defines beauty to me.

  21. says

    I like Dove campaign for beauty. I think however Dove should market this to tweens and teenage girls. If you have one in middle school, you this thing about beauty starts way earlier.

  22. says

    I totally agree with you, real beauty does come from inside. You can fake beauty on the outside, but you can’t fake who you are.

  23. says

    real beauty is on the inside… but I love Dove Products; they are the only ones that help my skin stay hydrated and not itch or break out; great products and love their campaigns. Thanks for sharing

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