Simple Valentine’s Lollipop Craft with #Peeps and free printable


“Pam, you are going to make goody bags for the class, right?”  This was the question I was asked before every holiday party when my daughter was in elementary school.  I’m not sure if the task fell on me because I was the only one who would agree to make 20  to 25 goody bags or because they thought I was a master goody bag maker, although I suspect it was the former.  Each holiday the pressure was on to make something cute, but inexpensive.  This year I discovered Peeps made Valentine’s hearts. Knowing that most kids can’t resist these little marshmallowy gobs of goodness, I thought what a cute treat they would make when dressed up a little.  While it is too late for my daughter’s former classmates to enjoy them,  I can still give them to the kids.  I bet these will elevate me to number one mom status without my having to spend a lot of time on the treats.

To make nine treats you need:

1 package Valentines Peeps
9  lollipop sticks
9 treat bags
Red Ribbon or curling string
printable, if desired
hole punch
Begin by gently pushing the lollipop stick through the bottom of the peep.  Seriously, if you push too hard you will have a deformed heart and a sticky, gooey mess.  Place each Peep into a treat bag and tie closed with the ribbon.  Attach the Valentine printable onto the ribbon., if desired.  Use the hole punch to make a small circle and thread the ribbon through the printable.

To use the printable, simply right click and download to your computer and then print.

These are so simple. You can involve the kids or let them make them instead if you need to keep them busy on a cold day.   What are your favorite easy to make Valentine’s Day treats?



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    Love this idea–and of course I still love Peeps myself! I do not have to make goodie bags and have no children and I am really not supposed to eat these any more (darn it all) so I will just sit here and drool over these pics.

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    Very cool looking little treats Pam!! I even think I could do those if I had to. That would be so cute for my Grandson to take in for his classmates. I bet we could even make them together.

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    Such a cute Valentine’s idea. I have boys, so our Valentine’s Day is just not as pretty. We get personalized cookies from the Cookie Company.

    Bobbie Anne

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    Wow, that’s a lot of goodie bags to make during each holiday! This is such a cute idea though! I thought about making the kids in my sons class goodie bags this Valentine’s but I just don’t think I have the money right now. I am however volunteering to bring cookies to everyone in his class.

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    This is soooo easy to do. My kids would have fun doing this and have fun eating it as well. We all love peeps and we get them every holiday, especially at Easter. :)

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    This is such a cute inexpensive way to make a goody bag. I honestly have never made one but I this looks like it cost you a lot more than the supplies go for. Thanks for sharing!

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    awesome idea! I hope to do similar things for my children when they are in school. I know there are so many rules these days, but We’ll follow the rules and make each holiday wonderful!


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