My Holiday Plans to #DitchandSwitch


Taking the Ditch and Switch Challenge.

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen during the holidays and so do my kids. That means I walked into some huge messes over the years, anything from a bag of flour spilled on the floor to a blender accident where someone forgot to add the top and splattered every appliance and cabinet with sticky goo. I could go on, but you get the point, kids are messy. I used to keep a dishcloth parked beside my sink to clean up those messes until I took the Bounty “ditch and switch” challenge.


Ditching the Dishtowel

They sent me a dishcloth and asked me to use it for three days to clean my kitchen. (Normally I use one dish cloth a day and toss it in the washer.) The results from our experiment were….shall we say…gross. Yuck! Using the dish cloth spread the germs around my countertop, which was not especially conductive to improving my appetite. Let’s just say my usual once a week bleaching of my countertops has been stepped up to three times a week. I’ve also switched to the new Bounty DuraTowels which I can toss as soon as I use to keep those pesky germs from accumulating. They are three times stronger than regular paper towels, meaning they don’t fall apart when I go on a serious scrubbing spree around the kitchen. I’m looking for a cleaner holiday this year. Maybe, just maybe, I can get the kids to clean the counters for me!

Bounty exposed my dirty dishcloth and showed me the cleaner way to clean with Bounty DuraTowel, the only cloth-like, durable paper towel that is clinically proven to leave surfaces three times cleaner than a germy dishcloth.* Find out more here!

*1tsp spaghetti sauce, 10 mls. coffee, ⅛ tsp creamer on laminate countertop

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bounty. The opinions and text are all mine.