Get Breakfast Quick with Pillsbury Heat & Go (Giveaway)

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Pillsbury Heat N Go Mini Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes and waffles? I am not a huge hot breakfast fan, but I do enjoy my pancakes or waffles.  I realize that they don’t take that long to cook, but on some mornings we are especially rushed and don’t have time to sit down and eat.  That’s why I was all over trying the new Pillsbury Heat-N-Go Pancakes and Waffles.  The pancakes are available in two flavors, Maple Burst’n and Blueberry, and the waffles are available in Maple Madness.  They have the flavor baked in so there is no syrupy mess and they can be eaten on the go. Since they are individually wrapped in a microwavable pouch, everyone can have the flavor or variety of their choice and I don’t have a bunch of leftovers that go to waste.  Plus, they are ready in seconds. Yes, seconds, because sometimes that is all I have.  Did I happen to mention that each serving has 14 grams of whole grain, 0 grams of trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup?  That makes me feel even better about serving them to the family. It doesn’t hurt that the kids like the taste of them too. I also like the Heat N Go guarantee;  if you are unsatisfied with the product you can get your money back.

Bunny Pancakes
If you have extra time you can get creative with the pancakes. How about placing a small sausage patty and half a slice of cheese between the Maple Burst’n pancakes?  It’s a filling on the go meal that the kids can wrap in a napkin and take with them.  Another idea is making a pancake centipede. Place six pancakes on a plate so they are slightly overlapping. Add two blueberries for eyes and a small line of syrup for the mouth and for the antenna.  Need more inspiration? Make a pancake crab. Use three mini pancakes. Cut two of the mini pancakes in half. Place one pancake in the center of the plate and arrange two half pancakes on either side for claws. Add blueberries for eyes and syrup for antenna.

How do you get creative with your pancakes and waffles?
Pillsbury Prize Pack
Win It!
One person will receive a prize pack identical to the one I received from My Blog Spark and Pillsbury that includes:

  • 10 VIP Coupons to try each of the three flavors
  • Double-walled stainless steel tumbler (includes infuser for tea)
  • Insulated Bag (holds up to 24 cans)
  • Retail Value: $60

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  1. Amy Honious says

    my favorite breakfast foods are bacon, frosted shredded mini wheats, bacon, brown rice farina and finally, bacon! thanks for such a nice giveaway!

  2. paulette schneider says

    French Toast–I only eat it out at a restaurant. I don’t keep the right type of bread in the house to
    make it, otherwise I’d eat it everyday.

  3. Jessica D says

    My favorite breakfast meal probably includes a little of everything. Some scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, and waffles

  4. Sara M says

    I love eggs benedict – it’s my favorite breakfast. Scrambled eggs with ham, bacon, sausage or scrapple comes in 2nd place. French toast is also yummy!

  5. jennifer aikens says

    eggs benedict!! love it. Other then that poached or overeasy eggs with toast and bacon is wonderful too. Home made waffles and pancakes in different flavors and varieties are amazing

  6. Melissa Hartley says

    Eggs/ biscuits n’ gravy/hash browns is my very favorite breakfast but also eat cold cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit, pancakes, & oatmeal:)

    Thank you

  7. Mary Happymommy says

    I love bagels! I also love scrambled eggs. There are very few breakfast foods I don’t like. We have one night a week when we have breakfast for dinner.

  8. Connie Lee says

    I like cereal, pancakes, eggs with bacon or sausage, or biscuits and toast, just about any type of breakfast food.

  9. Kathryn Mcneal says

    When I make breakfast here, its usually the breakfast for dinner. But we love eating bacon and eggs, with the eggs cooked in the bacon grease.

  10. Samantha Daleo says

    Most days I just have Peanut Butter for breakfast, which I love…either on a piece of bread or just on a spoon….but on the weekends my husband spoils me with fried eggs, bacon, and hash browns. YUM!


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