Win a $350 Krispy Kreme Staycation Giveaway

I have always had a major sweet tooth. When I was growing up my mother did not believe in purchasing sweets except on special occasions. For an extra special treat she would purchase a dozen fresh, hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yum! My mouth watered as I waited to snatch one from the box. The minute she turned her back I would attempt to snag another doughnut. I mean, really, we didn’t want them to go stale. Surely we needed to devour them while they were in their warm gooey state. Ah! The memories. The summer time was the best. There was no school and if we went swimming we would sometimes follow up with a doughnut chaser. My parents weren’t big on travel so this was as close to a vacation as I got. In January of this year I got to attend the doughnut lovers trip of a lifetime. I was invited by Krispy Kreme to visit their headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and make my own doughnuts. It made up for all the staycations during my childhood.

If you are feeling the crunch of the recession (and aren’t most of us?), this is the season to plan a staycation. Staycations can be almost as fun as traveling and you don’t have to worry about your luggage being lost at the airport or kids being carsick in the back seat. To make the most of this staycation, Krispy Kreme has designed two new Key Lime doughnuts to tempt our taste buds. They will only be available for a limited time, April 22nd through June 23rd so be sure to pick one up soon. Each Krispy Kreme location will also be hosting a Staycation Prize Pack you can enter to win containing the following items:

One free Krispy Kreme iced beverage a week for a year; one free dozen doughnuts; flip flops; sunscreen; Krispy Kreme Staycation postcards; key lime scented air freshener- redeemable for one free doughnut; Krispy Kreme Staycation beach towel; beach ball; nail file; and a Krispy Kreme Staycation “Do Not Disturb” sign. Each prize pack is valued at $350 dollars.

I’m thrilled to say I am also giving away a Krispy Kreme staycation package. Who wouldn’t want some Krispy Kreme yumminess in their life?

Win It!

One person will receive a Krispy Kreme Staycation package valued at $350. 00.

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  1. Tabathia B says

    Yes we are planning a staycation and my favorites are the lemon filled, original glazed and the season pumpkin

  2. Candice says

    I love the plain cake donuts, and we are planning a staycation this summer around the 4th of July.

  3. Shana says

    I’ve only had Krispy Kreme donuts twice. I liked the cream filled & the hubby likes fritters. We always stay home! We go once a year out of state to visit the kids is all the vacationing we do.

  4. Jill A. Collins says

    My husband is a fan of their glazed donuts. As for the vacation, proba. :-(bly not going to happen this year

  5. D SCHMIDT says

    I like the original glazed the most, I have so many fond memories of eating them with my family. My Dad would pick up a dozen every Friday :)

  6. Michele L. says

    How can I choose just one favorite – they’re all terrific. I really love Boston cream, but I have to say the only glazed doughnuts I’ll eat are Krispy Kreme

  7. Jemima P says

    The boston cream is always a good one, and we aren’t sure what we’re doing for a vacation this year!

  8. Tammy S says

    There is nothing better then the original glazed when it’s nice and warm. Yum! Yes we are planning a staycation. we are just hanging out around town, maybe a few day trips to the beach.

  9. Ann Fantom says

    I love the Glazed Original. I can’t get enough of them!

    We are planning at staycation the week of July 4th

  10. Stephanie Larison says

    I love their blueberry donut, they’re so addicting. We’re doing a staycation in June!

  11. Beth Hill says

    I love custard filled donuts with chocolate frosting. We are taking a road trip with my extended family out west!!!

  12. Dianne McVetty says

    My favorite is the original glazed especially when it’s warm… My mother-in-law is celebrating her 90th birthday this year and I’m sure we’ll travel there but might plan a staycation while we are there with her!

  13. Dana Rodriguez says

    My fave is the chocolate covered cream filled!We are planning a staycation late July :)

  14. Krystal M says

    The raspberry cream filled is really good! :) Although I like any doughnut with a yummy filling…

  15. Krystal M says

    Also — nope, not really planning a staycation this year. We will be going camping a few times, though.

  16. Mario J says

    I like the Glazed Sour Cream, Glazed Crullers, and the Traditional Cake.
    A Staycation is not scheduled.

  17. Nicole Vosburgh says

    I love glazed and we are planning on getting a membership to our local amusement/water park this year.

  18. shantelle stately says

    I love the original the best. I have to see if school allows any vacation this summer.

  19. Kelly D says

    I like their chocolate Iced Kreme filled doughnut. We will do a few staycations to local attractions.

  20. Julie Lutz says

    Unless something finacially changes we’re having a staycation and my favorite krispy kreme is the ones that have a vanilla frosting like filling soooo yummy

  21. Virginia Rowell says

    My favorite is Bavarian creme! Yum. We are planning a staycation. We’re not big on travel.

  22. kim says

    My favorite krispy kreme doughnut is Glazed especially when they are HOT! I haven’t decided on what we are going to do this summer yet

  23. says

    I love their original glazed the best! I haven’t planned a staycation, as we’re going to Disney World at the end of June. But I’m always game for a staycation! :)

  24. Savannah miller says

    I love glazed :)
    And yes we are having a stay cation this year money is tight!
    I’m thinking of having a whole weekend of at home family fun with my kids :)

  25. Stacy says

    Original Glazed, and no, we are taking an actual vacation, leaving for our Alaska cruise in exactly two weeks!

  26. Suzanne Lewis says

    I like the sour cream glazed cake donuts. No staycations or vacations planned for me this year.

  27. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I like the glazed when the light is on
    and yes we are staying home
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  28. Karrie Millheim says

    Boston Creme Donut. I dont know what we are planning for vacation this year. If we cant afford it i am thinking about a weekend getaway to the beach for some fun and sun

  29. stacy says

    I like just plain glazed. I’ll be doing a staycation because there won’t be money for anything else.

  30. K. Cleaver says

    Our favorite is the hot glazed doughnuts. We do a lot of staycations. We’re intentional about planning fun things at home so we aren’t looking to spend a lot of money going somewhere else.

  31. Dawn Monroe says

    I love there chocolate cream with nuts doughnut. We are only going to a local state park for a weekend of camping this year so yes…we will be planning a staycation.

  32. Jenny Marie says

    we normally try o do something fun around the area int he summer – it is cheaper than a vacation

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