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With age comes wisdom.  We’ve all heard that saying.  While I am thrilled with all the wisdom I’ve gained over the years, I’m not so thrilled with the other sign of aging—tiny wrinkles.  I remember the smooth skin of my youth and wish I could regain it. I know that’s not possible, but I try to find ways to prevent further progression.  I’d read on the Neocell site   that Collagen production slows down at a rate of 1.5% per year after the age of 25.  They assert Collagen supplementation is one of the most fundamental things a person can do to prevent premature aging and promote youthful vitality.”

Super Collagen 2

What are some of the reported advantages of using collagen?

  • Helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles
  • improves elasticity in the skin
  • Builds and supports bone matrix
  • Corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds
  • Thickens fine hair, adds body and slows down hair loss
  • Repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity;
  • improves circulation
  • promotes wound healing

I decided to try their new Super Collagen powder to see if I found any improvements. Their Super Collagen powder is water soluble and mixes completely with liquid. I had some trouble mixing it into cold water with a spoon, so I would suggest using a shaker to completely mix it up. That method worked well for me.  While the collagen is supposed to be neutral tasting, I thought it tasted much better when mixed with juice or other liquid besides water.  I’m not thrilled with the taste of our tap water anyway and added anything too it just doesn’t add to the flavor.

NeoCell Super Collagen + C

The Super Collagen +C is made from a mixture of Collagens 1 and 3,  which composes 90% of the body’s collagen supply, including the main type found in the skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. You can learn more about Super Collagen +C on the NeoCell website.


  1. Debra S says

    I would LOVE to get some resveratrol! At my age, my arteries need all the health boost I can get!

  2. Emily Mahr says

    I’d like to try BEAUTY BURSTS – SOFT CHEWS – FRUIT PUNCH to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles

  3. MIchelle Fosnaugh says

    Neocell is AMAZING i use their products, the Whey Protein is EXCELLENT and best on the market IMO

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