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Sing along–Happy Birthday to me! The website is three! Three years ago, on April 25th, I began blogging on this site. If anyone had told me at the time that I could write at least one post a day for 1096 days I would have laughed and told them it was impossible. We’ve made it through infancy and the terrible twos. I guess we have made it to the preschooler stage? Regardless, I couldn’t have blogged all this time without the support of lovely blogger friends I have made along the way and most of all, my readers. And what better way to celebrate than having a giveaway?

In case you missed my review of and their vast supply of office goodies, I’ll give a quick recap. My office makeover may be on hold right now due to sick kids who came home from college and needed their room, but the Hannspree Tablet I received from has been getting a workout. My son grabbed the tablet as soon as it arrived and I have barely seen it since. He plays games on it when he is supposed to be in bed, although he thinks I haven’t figured that out yet. This week I am spending some time in Chicago participating in a focus group and the tablet is accompanying me. It will be so much easier than having to drag around my laptop. I’ll be able to tweet and update my Facebook status easily, anytime I remember to do it.

Do you have an office that you want to make over? Or maybe you have a space carved out for yourself somewhere in the house, like me and my loveseat, to work. No matter. Most of us can always use office supplies.

Win It!
The generous people from have a $50 gift certificate for one lucky reader.

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  1. Misha Lynn Estrada says

    I need a new printer! It was broken last week. The kids say the cat did it, but I don’t know…;)

  2. Stephanie Goforth says

    I’m low on all my office supplies. I really need a decent desk chair. I would love to have a scanner/printer, but right now would have to restock on ink pens, journals, stationary, and a copy of “Windows for Dummies”

  3. Dawn Monroe says

    My pens and highlighters are always gone and I could use a desk calander. Electronics are great but I like to have the easy paper option available.


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