Playdough + Books=Awesome Creative Play


I began reading to my children before they were born.  Thankfully,  I taught school so they were able to hear the words being read and I didn’t have to explain to people why I was reading to my belly, although I wasn’t above sneaking in a favorite story at home.  After they were born they had a massive collection of “board books.”  These books are great! The pages can’t be torn, they can be wiped clean and they usually stand up to being chewed on during the teething stage.

I’m also a big supporter of trying to make learning fun.  Who says any subject has to be boring for young children?  One of our favorite hands on activities was Play-Doh. We used it to make letters and numbers, animals (that never turned out quite right),  finger foods and whatever struck the kid’s fancy at the moment.  This  spring Silver Dolphin Press came up with an idea that I wish I had thought of years ago, a Play-Doh series of books “where learning and creativity take shape.”

We received three books from this series:

  •  Mama’s Little Ducklings, a cute lift the flap book about a Mother Duck searching for her missing eggs
  • My First Words, which teaches over 50 new words
  •  and Counting Bunnies,  a rhyming book that counts bunnies from one to ten.

Each of these books engages children in the process of reading, whether it’s finding other objects of the same number, peeking under flaps or answering questions.  The graphics in the books are colorful enough to catch the attention of young children and designed to look like Play-Doh figures.  The books were sturdy enough to stand being dropped repeatedly and being grabbed by little hands.  To compliment this set, we received two cans of Play-Doh to make our own creations.

What kid doesn’t like stickers?  The new Let’s Get Creative sticker book has over 200 to use.  My only suggestion is use with supervision or the stickers could wind up stuck on walls all over the house instead of the book. I speak from experience.


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