Alien Invasion Space Pops with Dessert Designer

It’s an alien invasion! Or at least an alien pop invasion that is sure to be a hit at any kid’s birthday party or even for those Star Trek fans.  These cute pops  are adapted from a recipe I found in the Dessert Designer: Recipes You Can Make and Eat cookbook by Dana Meachen Rau, just released on February 1st via Capstone Press.  Here’s how to make them:

Ingredients (to make one dozen pops)

24 Vanilla Wafers (I substituted 12 vanilla Oreos)

8 ounces white chocolate bark

48 green jelly beans

Green food coloring

12 lollipop sticks


Trim edges from the bottom of the cookie to make an angled shape.  Melt white chocolate in microwave for 45 seconds, stir. Melt for 45 more seconds. Add green food coloring.  Stir until well mixed. Dip Vanilla Wafers into melted chocolate.  Quickly position jelly beans in a slant on twelve of the wafers while chocolate is still wet to make eyes.  Let this harden until firm.  Place a dollop of white chocolate on back of vanilla wafer. Add a popsicle stick and top with one of the vanilla wafers with eyes.  Place the pops in the freezer until harden. Eat and enjoy!

Also, my friend Crystal made the matching Spaceship pops. You can check them out here.

When I first opened the book and saw these projects were designed so kids aged nine to thirteen could help in the kitchen and make treats to impress their friends, I was a little skeptical.  Where these going to be difficult recipes that would frustrate them and turn them off of cooking?  I opened the book and found it was divided into four sections, cakes, cookies, candies and cupcakes with fifty one treats included. Ms. Rau begins by explaining the necessary supplies used to make the treats, most of which will be commonly found in most kitchens.  The ingredients are simple too, using store bought candies, cupcakes, sugar cookies and other items that are easy to find or make.  Many of the recipes are easy enough for beginners and look impressive and will make anyone appear to be the mom who can make cool treats with the kids.  Others are more advanced and while be a challenge for beginners.  The Enchanting Peacock cake or the Pool Party cake are adorable but would require an extensive amount of work and a higher skill level to have the results match the pictures in the book.  Of course, half the fun in the kitchen is experimenting with recipes to see how they turn out and the results will be tasty no matter how it looks. 
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One person will receive a copy of Dessert Designer, a spatula and a set of six rainbow mixing bowls. 

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  1. says

    YaY! Aliens! My boys will love making these and showing them off.
    This sounds like a great kid-friendly cookbook. My sons love to pretend to be little chefs and the oldest could even read the recipes to the other two boys. Excellent find!

  2. says

    Love cooking with my nieces – and they love it too!
    Sharing time together creating something yummy is always time so well spent.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

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