Family Game Night with Furt & Magic Feather

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it is fun to take some time out and spend it with the family, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.  Playing a quick board game is a great way to de-stress and make additional holiday memories with the kids.  We received two games from WiggityBang games to test on our game night, Furt and Magic Feather.  Naturally, the kids were eager to put them to the test. 

Magic Feather is the easiest, designed for anyone ages seven and up.   Because it can be played with two to eight players, it can also double as a party game when the kids need to be kept occupied.  Anyone who has ever hosted a sleepover for a group of preteen girls or boys will know what I mean!  I liked that the game only took 30 minutes to play, meaning we could work it into our busy schedule fairly easily.  The concept behind Magic Feather is cute too.  We wound our way through a magical world doing silly things like inventing and naming a new meal or pretending our thumbs were two dogs trying to get a piece of bacon.  Believe me, those are harder to accomplish than they sound when we only have 20 seconds on the timer. 

Next on our agenda was Furt, described as A Befuzzling Eruption of Laughter.  This game is a party game created for ages 13 and up.  It takes longer to play, around 60 minutes, and  is perfect for when I have a house full of college students.  This game encourages creativity with the Furt cards. Each card has five categories, The Volcano has Spoken!, Straight Faced, Guess What?, Truth or Fiction?, and You Are…  A roll of the dice decides if we will be sharing a truth or fiction fact, a fabricated story or whether you will be pelted with funny words and must keep a straight face.  I think my favorite are the What The… cards that have players performing silly actions like pretending to feel sick until someone brings a bag or a bucket.  Since we can’t tell anyone what these cards say, we have to be convincing. 
 Both of these games are sure to liven up the next family game night or holiday get together at your house too!

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    The magic feather really sounds like a game my kids and I would love to play wilcarvic

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