Building It Up with Nanoblocks & Giveaway

Being the mom who pushes educational activities can be challenging.  My kids revolt if they think I might be trying to do something that could be considered a learning activity during their free time.  I have to think of ways to engage their imagination, spark their creativity and make them think it is their idea. In other words, I have to be sneaky.  My kids have always enjoyed playing with blocks, creating their own villages, forts and more.   As the kids have gotten older, I thought it would be nice to have a smaller block with more detail.  Nanoblocks are mini blocks, with the smallest block being a teensy 4mmX4mmX5mm, designed to build amazing structures, animals, musical instruments and more. These are challenging for both older kids and adults and sets can be combined to make a collection.
I was impressed with the selection, including  the Big Ben from London, the White House, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower. We received the nanoblock Violin which came with different sections of blocks wrapped individually. All of these pieces are small enough they could be a choking hazard for young children and are recommended for ages eight and up. Thankfully, a detailed instruction sheet was included for people like me who are visual learners. The Nanoblock site also has  a few videos with instructions for building the Eiffel Tower, a panda and a pig.

Nanoblocks have won a ton of awards, like the Product of the Year award  by Informal Education Products and the customers of the Museum Tour Catalog so they meet my educational standards but they’re entertaining enough the kids don’t know they learning eye-hand coordination skills, spacial relations and the basics of building design.

You can learn more about Nanoblocks on their Facebook page. If you need something to keep the kids occupied over Winter Break check out their holiday series with a Snowman and Santa.

Win It!
One person will receive a Nano Block Pig.

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