Tend Those Boo Boos with SafeSkin & Giveaway

Bumps. Scrapes. Bruises. Broken Bones. My kids are famous for getting hurt. I’m not exactly sure how they manage to get injured so often; maybe accident prone genes run in our family. I can’t say anything as I once fell on my way to play tennis and sprained my ankle. How embarrassing is that?

Naturally, with all the bumps and scrapes, I try to keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet. I’m always open to trying new products that will help the kids heal faster and keep them from being in pain. We tried new SafeSkin Kids first aid antibacterial gel from Johnson and Johnson on the fresh batch of booboos.

Here’s the lowdown: Trusted by hospitals, SafeSkin provides up to 48 hours of protection and provides a barrier against MRSA, a highly contagious staph bacteria that doesn’t get better with the usual antibiotic treatments . As the threat of MRSA grows, it’s good to know I have a way to provide protection against this for my children. Of course, if the skin gets wet or soiled, the area does need to be cleansed and have another application of SafeSkin applied to the wound.

I liked the nongreasy formula that allowed the bandages to stick to skin. It’s so aggravating when I have cleaned the wound, gotten it bandaged, gotten the kid calmed down and the bandage falls off, making me have to start the process over again. I haven’t had any complaints about it stinging when it is applied either. That’s another big concern. If it hurts when applied to a booboo the kids are not going to use it no matter how much it helps.

If you are interested in trying SafeSkin for yourself, I found a $1 coupon to help save some money when you are stocking your first aid kit.

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One person will receive a tube of SafeSkin.

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I received  product through Mom Select to facilitate this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.


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