Make Your Holidays Bright with Madelaine Chocolate & Giveaway


**Important Note–Unfortunately I have just received word that the Madelaine Chocolate Factory was destroyed during hurricane Sandy.  They are planning on rebuilding during the coming year but are unable to fulfill any prizes or orders for chocolate during this time. 

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. This could be my mantra. Calming, soothing chocolate should be one of the four food groups. If I had my heart’s desire every meal would include chocolate. Since that is not possible, I try to indulge my chocolate habit with small amounts of luscious, creamy chocolate bites. Madelaine chocolates are helping me soothe my palate with their assortment of Christmas chocolates. I first tried Madelaine chocolates earlier this year and all I can say is, “Yum.” We sampled their peanut butter truffles, milk chocolate truffles and coffee filled truffles. They were as good as the ones I make from scratch.

This Christmas we had a hard time deciding what we wanted.  Really, we wanted all of it, there were so many choices.  Finally we decided on the white chocolate truffles in a snowman pail, the milk chocolate filled Christmas tree and the Countdown to Christmas assortment.  The white chocolate truffles were not what I was expecting. I had thought they were covered in white chocolate. Instead, they had a creamy white chocolate filling covered with a milk chocolate shell. I had gotten these for Bryan, who is allergic to chocolate.  He couldn’t eat them but I can assure you they did not go to waste. 

We tried the Milk Chocolate filled Christmas tree next. My son, consumed by thoughts of truffles, asked me, “Where is the filling?” “They’re solid milk chocolate,” I informed him, “so if you don’t want them, it’s okay.” This was my sneaky way of getting ready to hide them for myself but it didn’t work. He told me he was fine with eating solid milk chocolate. “They’re still really good, Mom,” he said.

I did hide the Christmas Countdown calendar to use during December. We have a countdown calendar with an ornament we move each day but I think eating a piece of chocolate each day will be a much bigger hit.

Have you tried Madelaine Chocolate yet? If not, check out their website to see all their tempting varieties. It’s definitely drool worthy.

Win It!
One person will receive Chocolates from the Madelaine Christmas Collection.

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  1. says

    I had my fingers on the wrong keys when I typed in my name for gfc. It’s susan wiener. Hope the entry can count in the rafflecopter form. thx.

  2. Michelle Dehowy says

    Solid premium milk chocolates, wrapped in matte white Italian foil with a shiny green shamrock in the center, and packaged in a mesh bag.

  3. says

    Chocolates make such a great gift, as an additional item or for those relatives that you weren’t expecting or even the mail carrier! I love these gifts :)

  4. Jenny Gibbons says

    The white chocolate truffles you mentioned sound very good, though I agree that I’d be surprised to find the white chocolate as a filling, not as the covering!

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