Holiday Parties with Reverse Charades & Giveaway

“I’m bringing some friends home for Christmas, Mom,” my daughter informed me.  My thoughts immediately ran to, “How do I keep everyone entertained?”  Since I had also planned on having some girlfriends over for a pampering night and needed some entertainment then too, I decided why not have a stash of games on hand for everyone to play?  I’ve found one that sounded like a great addition to our game cabinet, easy enough for younger kids to play but entertaining enough for college students and adults,  Reverse Charades.   

Everyone knows how to play the classic game of Charades. One person stands in front of a group and tries to act out a word. With Reverse Charades, a group stands in front of one hapless person and acts out the word for the person to guess within sixty seconds. It’s designed for six or more players and ages six and up so it can be used at the next family get together.  Won’t my family be surprised on Thanksgiving Day when I pull out the Reverse Charades game and tell them we are all participating?

Along with the classic version,  two expansion packs are available to keep things fresh and exciting, the Girls Night edition and the Holiday Edition. We tried the Girl’s Night In edition with some pretty hilarious results.  I’ll definitely be using this game again the next time I host a Girl’s Night. 

Win It!
One person will receive a Reverse Charades game and a Holiday Expansion packet.

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