Get Personal with My Chronicle Books & Giveaway

My favorite book from childhood was a personalized story of me on a camping trip with my friends. We were lost and rescued by a talking dog named Oliver who knew all about me. My husband had a favorite personalized book from his childhood too. Since we loved our books so much, I wanted to make sure our children had the same memories. My Chronicle Books can make these memories come true. They offer a selection of personalized products including books, placemats, folders, journals, wall art and more. There’s a choice of five personalized books including one that would have been great for my daughter when my son was born, What Big Sister Does Best by Larua Numeroff. She’s the author of If  You Give A Mouse a Cookie and other books my kids used to beg me to read each night. Creating the personalized products was simple. I began by watching a how to video that assured me creating a book was as easy as one, two, three. I entered personal information, name, favorite color, added a picture and dedication and viola! Success.

As bad as my kids are about misplacing things, I think the personalized stickers to place on all their stuff would be a good addition to our household or maybe the personalized lunch boxes.  I’d never have to ask, “Now try to remember, where is the last place you had your lunchbox?” Well, I might have to ask that but at least it would be easily identifiable. 

Besides their selection of personalized items, My Chronicle Books offers books for all ages from birth through teens to adults. I browsed through their selection and found some cookbooks I would like to have for myself. Yes, I’d love to make a batch of special cake pops and decorate them with amazing designs.  Maybe that can be a present for me!  

If you would like to order a personalized book for someone special in your life, use the coupon code  TryMyCB! to receive 25% off your order plus free shipping until November 30th. 

Win It!
One person will receive a copy of your choice of Speedster Ben or Princess personalized book. 

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