Family Fun with Morphology & Giveaway

I try to encourage creativity in my children, giving them activities that challenge them to think in new and unusual ways. Often times they are resistant, claiming I try to turn fun time into educational activities time. I’ve had to become sneakier in my approach.  I’ve been trying to find fun games that the kids won’t balk at playing but have a creative aspect.  My search led me to Morphology and Morphology Junior. 

Morphology is designed for teens and adults and must have four or more players. The concept seems simple- draw a word from the deck and have your teammates guess the word before time runs out. Here’s the catch- you have to build the word using game pieces. 

I am planning several events for holiday entertaining and plan to pull out Morphology for one of our party games.

Morphology Junior follows the same concept but is designed for ages 8+, meaning it can be played during family game nights for some hilarious results with the kids. 

We put Morphology Junior to the test at our home on a family game night. There are over 480 words included in the deck so we had plenty of words to make us put on our thinking caps.  The words range from simple ones like spoon or snore to flamingo and unicorn.  We used the pieces (they’re over 30) included to build the word. This is not as easy as you might think when you use wooden pegs, smooth rocks and things of this sort. The challenge is animating the pieces to help the teammates guess what you are trying to be.  Remember, all this has to be accomplished with in one minute.  The first team to reach the lily pad wins the game.  Let’s just say my animating skills are not the best!
The entire family pronounced the game “fun” and I got some secret mom points for finding something that encouraged creativity.  

Win It!
Two(2) readers will each win one (1) Morphology Game (winner’s choice of Adult or Junior version)

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    My favorite board game is Clue, though no one will play with me or they make me come in halfway through the game. Will play this with my husband and boys
    thank you

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