Exercising with Heeleys & Giveaway

My favorite activity as a child was roller skating.  I carried that love with me into adulthood.  When I attended skating parties with the kids, I was the first adult to hit the rink.  I actually loved anything with wheels; skateboards, inline skates, you name it, if I could skate I would try it.  Skating is a good form of exercise and one of the few I actually enjoy.     Naturally when I was offered a chance to try Heeleys, “the original shoe with the wheel in the heel,” I couldn’t pass up a chance to skate. 

For anyone who has never heard of Heeleys, they are comfortable tennis shoes that have the option of having a wheel added into the heel when the urge to skate takes over.  Having never looked at their website, I was amazed by the many different options and styles available. I chose the Swift design, a light athletic style.  I wasn’t sure how to add the wheel but one of the kids grabbed my shoes and had the wheel installed within a couple of minutes.  

Before I attempted to skate in the Heeleys, I read the safety warnings on the site and discovered I should be wearing protective gear while wearing the shoes which made me think these shoes were designed to be used outside when the wheel is installed.  On a whim I tried to skate down my hall once but I was afraid the wheels would scratch my hardwood.

I found I preferred wearing the shoes without the wheels.  They felt great when I wore them on my daily power walk.  My daughter is away at college on a large university campus.  I might send the shoes to her. I think she could get plenty of use out of them zipping to her classes, some of which are a mile away from her dorm.  All in all, these are fun shoes for kids when used in a supervised setting and are a fun blast from the past for adults. 

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