Cheating on Desserts with Swiss Colony & Giveaway

My picture of the cheesecake disappeared!

Cheesecake.  The word conjures up memories of family time spent around the kitchen table, talking and laughing, while digging into a hearty slice of gooey goodness.  When I was growing up our typical cheesecakes were the simple New York Style topped with cherries my mom made for special occasions.  It wasn’t until I was older I discovered the cornucopia of cheesecake flavors available from The Swiss Colonybut once I did there was no turning back.


This year I had planned something different for Thanksgiving.  I host the dinner for our entire extended family and spend days before the event cooking, cleaning and prepping.  With 20 guests I have a small mountain of food available for my guests.  “Why don’t I make it easier on myself?” I thought.  “Use a Caramel Apple Cheesecake as a dessert.”   I would sneak the cheesecake into the freezer and pull it out the day before Thanksgiving.  By placing it on a fancy plate I was pretty sure I could pass it off as one of my own creations.  

My son had different ideas.  He found the Cheesecake on our doorstep a few minutes after it was delivered.  “Hey! Swiss Colony,” he exclaimed, “My favorite!  What is it?”  After being told it was an apple caramel cheesecake he begged to “test” a piece.  “Come on, Mom,” he pleaded, “You know you want to try it!”  Finally, I succumbed to temptation.  Yum! The rich, creamy cheesecake with a tempting apple topping and caramel filling made me want to eat more than the two bites I had planned.   The rest of the family found the cheesecake in the fridge that evening.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The cheesecake was devoured long before Thanksgiving amidst complaints from me about family members who ate Thanksgiving desserts before Thanksgiving.  

Swiss Colony makes more than just cheesecakes though.  We have had some equally tempting truffles and brownies from their collections that tempt even the pickiest relatives in our family.  Our only complaint with the cheesecake was its size.  It was a small cheesecake and my family would have preferred a larger cheesecake. 

Win It!

One person will receive a Caramel Apple Cheesecake from the Swiss Colony. 

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    i like the petits fours – my husband used to order from swiss colony every year but we haven’t in a couple years, plan to do so again this year
    sarah hirsch

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