Cake Pops Made Easy with Nostalgia Electrics & Giveaway

My son loves to cook and dreams of becoming a master chef someday. I’ve tried to encourage his talent whenever I have a chance.  For the past two years he had been asking if he could try his hand at making different types of cake pops. I had put him off, mainly because I wasn’t sure how to make cake pops, but he persisted.  One day, while talking to a friend, they suggested I check out Nostalgia Electrics.  “They have some really neat stuff.” I began browsing their page when lo and behold a Cake Pop Maker Kit caught my eye. 

The Cake Pop Maker Kit contained everything we needed (besides cake ingredients, of course) to make a batch of yummy pops; the cake pop maker,  sticks and a cake pop holder and a pastry kit to frost, decorate, or fill the pops. (As a side note, I love this pastry kit. It’s so versatile and works great for filling or decorating cakes and cupcakes too.)

From the day it arrived at our home my son begged to make cake pops. “Can we make them now? Can we make them now? Can we make them now? How soon can we make them?”  

We began by whipping up a batch of almond cream cake pops filled with caramel frosting.  The cake pop maker couldn’t have been easier to use. Once it was preheated I filled the holes with batter, closed the lid and waited five minutes or tried to wait. My son opened the lid after three minutes to see how they were doing.  As soon as the pops were done I removed them with a plastic utensil and let them cool. My son had a blast decorating them.   After he’d finished, he told me, “Mom, this would be great to use to make pancakes.”  The next thing I knew he had looked up a recipe, learned the cooking time and was ready to make breakfast.  I’m excited. Maybe soon he’ll be doing all the cooking.

Nostalgia Electrics has all types of small electronics to make entertaining and cooking fun. Every day’s a party with their Popcorn makers, fun entertaining items, fun foods makers, fondue fountains, and refreshments.  Check them out on Facebook and twitter.

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One person will receive a Cake Pop and Donut Hole Bakery.

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