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What could be better than snuggling with you child at bedtime as the two of you curl up with a good book? I can’t count the thousands of hours I’ve read to my children over the years. Naturally, I want my children to grow up to be brave, compassionate individuals. I want to look back over their life and say, “I know I’ve done my best to teach them to be responsible, caring adults.” While I feel setting a day to day example in my daily life is the best way to instill these virtues in my children, I’m not adverse to sneaking the concepts into story time. By reading stories from the Young People’s Books of Responsibility, I’m able to explain difficult concepts in an entertaining manner.

I received six books from this set; Stories of Courage, Stories of Sharing, Stories of Fairness, Stories of Patience, Stories of Peacefulness, and Stories of Helpfulness. Each book begins with a page explaining the concept with a simple, easy to grasp explanation, like Courage is…. Telling the truth when it would be easier to lie or Patience is…thinking before you act. There are four explanations of each of the virtues and each one is explained in more detail in one of the four included stories.

I liked the multicultural variety of the stories too. The tales were collected from around the world and compiled into one collection. Everything from stories from Aesop’s fables to tales from Nigeria is included. Large, colorful illustrations cover every page. Each fable or tale gives a brief synopsis of it’s message at the beginning of the story and a follow up to reinforce the message at the end.

Some of the morals in the stories do come across in a more heavy handed manner, but the underlying message and the values it teaches will be clearly communicated to even the youngest child. These stories are intended for 2nd through 5th graders but I think children as young as preschool could enjoy them.

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    What a great group of books. I think besides living by example that reading about it is also an extra step because they absorb those lessons even quicker. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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    I would love to have these for my granddaughter. I want a fun way to convey the morals my generation got from school, church, and even our TV shows of the 60’s.

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    My little granddaughter turns one on nov 2nd I have been buying her books since her birth to start her library and her mom loves that. This would be a great addition. It would be a lovly addition.

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