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I have made it my goal in 2012 to increase my usage of recyclable products. Not only does it save money when I reduce, reuse, and recycle, it saves valuable resources. I’ve found it is not hard to conserve resources. Simple changes can have a big impact. One of our first steps was to quit our daily usage of plastic bags. I began packing my family’s lunches into recyclable containers. This worked well for sandwiches or salads. One square container did the trick. It didn’t work as well if I tried to pack leftover pizza (a favorite), pie, or odd shaped items.

collapsed for easy storage

Smart Planet, a company known for supplying safe, ecofriendly products for fifteen years, provided me with the solution- the Collapsible Bowl and the Collapsible Pizza Box. Available in four fun colors, these products met my approval instantly by being microwave and dishwasher safe. Made with a durable silicone base, they can withstand being tossed around in backpacks and lunch boxes. What makes these bowls different from other ecofriendly products? They’re collapsible. When we have finished eating, they can both be pushed down to half their size for easy storage.

Fully Expanded

The Pizza Box has several (my) kid tested and approved features. It comes with a divider so pizza can be stored without touching. Am I the only person who has stacked pizza slices on top of each other to find that the toppings came off on the bottom of another slice? Pie and cake keep their shape and don’t lose their icing or frosting. Another plus is the included spork. My family seems to misplace my silverware whenever they use it in lunches, but can always keep up with a spork!

The collapsible bowls are great for breakfast, lunch or snacks on the go because they fit into standard car cup holders. I can add some munchies to the bowl to keep in the car while I’m running errands without having to stop for a fast food lunch, making it a cheaper and healthier option. For the kids, I use it as a cereal bowl for speedy breakfasts. It can double as a cup for smoothies too.

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