Back To School with Softsoap (up for grabs)

I am not a morning person. My children have inherited this trait. They’d rather stay awake until all hours of the night and sleep in the next morning. This is okay during the summer but not a trait that will work when school is in session. Usually a quick shower with a luscious smelling body wash, followed by a dose of caffeine, can help me start the day. With that in mind, I tried the new Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion body wash, available in a 16 ounce bottle, by Softsoap to see if it could add some zing to my morning. I have used Softsoap products for several years, especially with the kids since they believe “more is more”, thanks to the reasonable cost of around $3.49 a bottle.

The Citrus Splash and Berry Fusion is a moisturizing formula and is filled with tiny moisturizing bath beads. It feels thick and produces a creamy lather when applied to the skin, even producing enough lather to be able to shave my legs comfortably. The body wash left my skin feeling smooth after the shower.

Softsoap uses real berry extracts from peaches, raspberries and strawberries in this formula to create a fragrance that smelled like berries with a whiff of citrus. I’m not a fan of strongly scented products and was glad to find only a small hint of fragrance remained after my shower. If it’s the only bodywash available in the shower the men in your life will not complain about smelling like a piece of fruit!

I plan to send this along to college in my daughter’s stash of bathing products. It smells great, works well, and is affordable, something any starving college student can appreciate. The Citrus Splash and Berry Fusion will be available in grocery stores and major retailers nationwide beginning this month.

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One person will receive a bottle of Softsoap Citrus Splash and Berry Fushion.

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