Back to School with Microsoft Office 2010 (up for grabs- worldwide)

Between schoolwork and my website, the kids and I spend a lot of time on the computer. My son, who was recently diagnosed with dysgraphia, is being allowed to take his netbook to school this year to help him take notes in his classes. My oldest, recently departed for college, will be using her laptop for research, writing reports and sending assignments to her college professors via their school network. I want my children to do well in school but I’m also all about making our life as easy as possible, which is why we use Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010.

For anyone suffering from learning disabilities, the One Note feature can be a life saver. The Student Notebook template allows kids to keep track of their class schedules and homework assignments for up to five classes, while the Research notebook template allows students to keep everything they need for reports in one place. A row of tabs at the top allows students to record meetings, readings, papers, data collection and brainstorming, making it idea for kids who need some help with their organization skills. Onenote even has a feature to add video and audio, keeping everything needed for the report in one place. As for me, I plan on taking advantage of the Class Syllabus template. It will be so much easier than creating one from scratch for my American Lit class.

I always use Word to type up my blog posts because of the ease of spell checking, proof reading and finding my word count. (Although it does accidentally auto correct my words to the wrong ones sometimes.) But Word 2010 is great for term papers, research reports and more with the handy automatic Bibliography creation. I have to admit adding footnotes to the end of a page was the part of the paper I dreaded!

My kids, unlike when I was in high school, have been required to create videos and power point presentations for classes. With PowerPoint’s built in video editing and picture editing tools, they’ve came up with some A+ material. I wish I could get the “To Kill A Mockingbird” video my daughter created uploaded, I’d be happy to share it.
I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages!

My husband gets into the computer action (kind of) with Excel. He tries to make some spread sheets that I eventually have to redo before we use them. If there is one product we use in our home daily, it would have to be Office Home and Student.

This software is practically a must have before leaving for college. Right now College Students can receive a 15% discount on Office University. Every bit of savings counts!

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    I would really like to get ms publisher. I had an old copy years ago that i used a lot. I dont see that it is a part of the office program you are giving away. Of the ones in this version, Outlook is a good program. Word is almost a requirement to own anymore. Excel I cannot figure out..but then numbers in general scare me.

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    I have used Word before and miss it terribly. Same goes for my Honey/Hubby who would love to be able to work on Excel when he’s at home (and he’d be able to work at home a lot more if we had Microsoft Office at Home… it would truly be a godsend!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

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