Back to School Care Packages with Hallmark (up for grabs)

In elementary school my kids had those cute little lunches with the fancy cut sandwiches, little notes and surprises included every day. I thought it might help their days be a little brighter and didn’t require much extra effort while I was making lunches. However, I’ve never been one to turn down ways to make my life easier. I am a woman who likes modern conveniences! Hallmark, with their Back To School Care Package options, has it made it almost too easy to surprise my children.

This year when my daughter went away to college I decided she might need some back-to school pick me ups. (I could be wrong. She texted us to tell us how much she loves college and is never coming home. I bet she will be home for Christmas though. They close the dorms!)

While we were preparing her dorm room, I left this cute little Love Bug propped up on her desk. I filled it with some goodies I knew she would like, gift cards, coupons for free food, and her favorite jelly beans. I saw her brother left a message between the bees’ legs. “Bee Safe, Bee Careful.” (And he says he doesn’t miss her at all!)

Since we arrived home from taking her to college we’ve received messages from her letting us know all the things she forgot to pack with requests to ship them to her dorm. I couldn’t let an opportunity slip by to remind her how much we miss her! Yep, bring on the guilt trips! I’ve got a great selection of Hallmark cards to pack into her shipments. . She must be taking some of my advice to heart. I got a text from her advising me to “Be good.” When asked if she’d picked it up from me, she responded she had no idea why she’d said that.

For the nine year old, who sometimes needs a pat on the back during the day, these Lunch Box Love Notes, attached to a little treat, let him know his family is thinking about him.

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