Liberty Orchard Bars For After School Munchies (up for grabs)

Back to School means hungry kids bursting through the door in the afternoon shouting, “I’m hungry! What do we have for snacks?” I try to find a balance; healthy enough to please me but tasty enough to please the kids. All Natural Liberty  Orchard Bars, created in Washington State orchards, seemed like a great way to compromise. Available in five flavors, Strawberry Raspberry & Walnut, Blueberry Pomegranate & Almond, Cherry Almond Crunch, Banana Mango and Macadamia, and Pineapple Coconut & Macadamia, they contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, and no cholesterol. What do they contain? A mixture of real fruit, heart healthy nuts, nutritious seeds and protein-rich soy nuggets rolled into one bar.

Liberty Orchard Bars aren’t just for kids. As an adult who sometimes needs a quick burst of energy without resorting to “junk,” these bars are ideal to keep in my purse. Because they are vegan, kosher, dairy free and gluten free, I can share them with friends who have special food preferences or food allergies.

We began our sampling with the Cherry Almond Crunch bar. The fruit smell wafted up to my nose when I opened the wrapper and enticed me to take a bite. The bar was not overly sweet but I could taste the mixture of cherries and sunflower seeds in every bite. They contain a chewy texture that helped fill me up, while providing an easy way to get my daily dose of Omega 3 and antioxidants.

The bars are so colorful, with the fruit and nuts visible, kids will be tempted to eat them thinking they are getting something sweet. For anyone who plans to serve these in the car on the way home from school or in lunchboxes, be aware they are sticky. Keep a supply of wet wipes for those little hands.  Liberty Orchard Bars can be purchased directly from their website.

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