Days Ago Timer for Fresh Food (up for grabs)

Many people have chores they despise. Laundry, mopping, ironing, are just a few on the list. My most hated chore is cleaning out the fridge. I am constantly finding strange concoctions my children have created, half empty soda cans and spills no one except me can be bothered to clean. Pushed to the back are leftovers, jars of spaghetti sauce and salsa, and cartons of yogurt, leaving me wondering, “Who opened these and how long have they been here?” I needed a simple solution for determining if the mysterious food was still safe to eat. Thankfully, I found the answer with the Days Ago Timer.

The Days Ago Timer is an ingenious device designed to be attached to the top or side of a food container and track when the food was opened, right down to the days and hours. Because it records up to 99 days before needing to be reset, it has multiple uses. I can attach it to a three month supply of medicine, giving me plenty of warning for when I need the prescription refilled. Or I can use it to remember when I need to water my indoor plants- something I am sure they would appreciate as I am notoriously forgetful until they are completely dry and droopy. While the timer works best at room temperature or in the fridge, it could be used to measure when oil changes are needed or when the herb garden needs fertilizing.

Of course, for any gadget to get much use around my home is has to be easy to use. After removing the green pull tab to activate the battery, I can place the timer on any magnetic surface and press the reset button for five seconds. Viola, it’s ready to go! I plan to send these off to college with my daughter. She has a mini fridge in her dorm room which I am sure will be stocked with snacks. I don’t want any midnight calls saying she has food poison.

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    Definitely on food! I keep a package of garage sale type stickers in the kitchen to tag leftovers, but this is way snazzier!
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