Fab Finds For Fathers – Eat Smart Precision Get Fit Digital Scale (up for grabs)

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Our quest to be healthier has begun! Ok, it actually started last year, but we have had some minor setbacks along the way. Bryan, proud of his weight loss, tends to try to step on the scale daily. I don’t share the same enthusiasm for the scale that he does. I’d prefer never to have to weigh myself again.  It doesn’t help that our scale has been around since we were married. The scale, oblivious to my good health, scares me with my weight sometimes. I’ve learned to check to make sure the scale is set on zero because the “scale fairies” change it to 5 lbs whenever it hasn’t been used for a day or two.

Bryan had been asking for a new scale so Father’s Day was the perfect time for him to receive a new Eat Smart Get Fit Digital Scale.  What’s so great about this scale? It doesn’t just tell us our weight. Instead, we can learn our body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass. Now I can prove when my weight gain is just water weight! It displays the reading instantly and offers an actual weight, providing the number and the ounces. (I’m not that thrilled with having my actual weight, right down to the ounces, displayed but Bryan thinks it’s great.) The numbers on the display are 3 1/2 inches tall and lit up in blue, making them easy to read. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the weight!

The scales uses 4 Triple A batteries, which are included, leaving me with no excuse to avoid weighing myself. I liked the sleek, contemporary surface and the ultra thin design. It takes up almost no room in my bathroom closet where I store it.  Are appliances getting “smarter?” This scale stores data for up to eight users and automatically identifies them.  Want to learn more about Eat Smart products? Check them out on twitter and facebook.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I REALLY like this body fat and weight scale- talk about hitting you in the face with cold hard facts!! LOL Can I choose a second favorite? The LUGGAGE scale! How handy that would be!!! I did indeed once go on a long long trip and my suitcase was ALMOST over the limit…. I would have loved to be able to check the weight at home, for sure. I want this!
    Spacemonkey907 (at) yahoo.com

  2. says

    I really like the EatSmart™ Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale==I tried to win one once –didn’t!
    pjames330 at aol dot com

  3. says

    I like the EatSmart™ Nutrition Pro Scale – Digital Food and Nutrient Calculator.


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