Candy Craving? Try Welch’s Fruit Filled Licorice (Up For Grabs)

As much as I enjoyed candy as a child, the one type I did not like was licorice. While I would greedily guzzle down any candy placed in front of me, I had my limits. I’m unsure whether I still dislike licorice as much as I did because I don’t purchase it and certainly don’t attempt to taste it. But when I was offered a sample of new Welch’s Grape Filled and Strawberry Filled licorice, I was tempted. I knew it would not have the taste of classic licorice and the bright colors caught my eye. Adding to the fact that I enjoyed Welch’s jam, I decided to put these new flavors to the (taste) test. Did I mention these new flavors had a grape flavored and strawberry flavored filling to ramp up the taste?

When our package arrived my son saw the package and was dismayed. “Why did you get licorice?” he asked. After removing the packages and examining them , he asked if he could try them because “they might taste different.” He took his first bite and brought the licorice to me exclaiming, “Taste this! It doesn’t taste like licorice at all!” I was pleased to find I agreed with him. Later I heard him offering the rest of the family licorice and assuring them it was good, “not like normal nasty licorice.”

My favorite flavor was grape. I liked the chewy outside with the smoother inside and the burst of grape flavor in every bite. My daughter tried both flavors and said they were “too sweet” for her taste, although I didn’t hear complaints from the rest of the family. My son even stated he would use his own money to purchase a package in the future.

Both flavors of Welch’s Filled Licorice are fat free and the filling is made with real fruit. The packages are reasonably priced, available in single serve and two serving size packages,  and are a different type of treat our entire family can enjoy.

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One person will receive Welch’s Fruit Flavored Licorice in Grape and Strawberry.

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  1. DJ davina.johnson@gmail dot com says

    I’ve already tried the grape ones and they are yummy, so I’d like to try the strawberry ones next.

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