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 As a mom and an educator  I try to encourage reading during the summer months, which technically means my kids are required to spend some time reading everyday.  I don’t have a summer list per se, but allow them to read whatever sounds interesting to them.  Finding books for my son is a challenge because reading is low on his list of favorite activities. One of the few genres he likes consists of fantasy books similar to the boy wizard of whom most of us are familiar. I had high hopes for Between by Daniel Frost.

Between, which appears to be written for tweens, tells the story of Chance Nancy Counter ,Chance N. Counter, get it?, a somewhat adventurous girl whose parents appear to give her a great deal of freedom for someone her age. She’s allowed to roam the streets of her small town finding ways to amuse herself. While playing with the cats in a local bookstore, she finds torn pages from a mysterious book and persuades the owner to give them to her. The pages lead her to discover an alley with a door that only appears when she is holding the pieces of paper. Unable to resist, she opens the door and steps into a world made of shadows, located between night and day. The kingdom is ruled by the shadow king, a menacing figure who wants to escape and wreak havoc on the mortal world. Joining with her in her adventures to escape from the Shadow kingdom and return home is a talking fox named Seven. Together they face the perilous journey to the Shadow Kings castle, facing dangers from Night Walkers, hunters, and Cyclops.

Between has the makings of a great story, with action, adventure, and mythological creatures. Unfortunately, I found the story a bit wordy. There’s plenty of superfluous detail that I didn’t feel I needed to know. With a bit of condensing the story would shine through and deliver the adventure the author wants to convey to the readers.

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    Box Car children series. It is what really got me into reading as a kid and I started my son off on it when his interest in reading was low and he is now an avid reader.

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