Kor Water Bottle for Stylish Hydration Up for Grabs!

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Each year I try to feel my kids stockings with things I they would like. Amid the usual supply of candy, a toothbrush, and socks (they still hate that!) I add practical things they need. My son is sure “practical” things he needs includes a supply of video games. I, on the other hand, want him to be more active. My daughter is the “go getter.” She’s constantly playing tennis, jogging, or some other exhausting physical activity. I knew they needed to stay hydrated. This year I’m including a Kor Delta Water Vessel.

KOR Delta incorporates everything they’ve learned about the art of high style, high performance hydration. It’s an on-the-go vessel with a confident personality and groundbreaking new features. The versatile Delta features an easy-to-open, push button cap with ergonomic handle, KOR’s Perfect Spout™, and a new safety latch for worry-free closure. The cap and vessel separate with a simple twist for easy cleaning.

This is one cool looking water bottle. My son saw it and immediately claimed it as his. I know he won’t mind his friends seeing him carrying this bottle. I like that it is made from BPA-free material called Tritan™. It’s durable but still attractive. Plus, under normal conditions, these bottles are made to be leak free. My kids are bad about carrying milk in their bottles when I am transporting them various places in the mornings. I hate it when milk leaks onto my floorboard and causes a horrid stench. The lids are wide enough to add ice cubes too so I can be assured of a cold beverage.

Check out these features in the Kor Delta Water bottle:

No-Worry Cap. Take a quick sip in between sets. In a simple motion of pressing a button and flipping open, the lid stays out of your way while you drink.

Hygienic Spout. The cap design actually protects the spout when not in use and while you’re out and about. Compare these to bottles with an exposed or threaded nozzle where not only would it be difficult to clean between the grooves, but sometimes need to be opened by hand. So while you’re stretching on the mat or huffing and puffing it at the gym, you don’t have to worry about sneeze or spit particles from other people landing where you drink.

Not only are we helping the environment by using less plastic, Kor is helping water related charities by giving back 1% of all their proceeds. You can find a retail store near you here.

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