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Have you noticed how people admonish others to act their age? I’ve never heard anyone say, “Why don’t you look your age?” As I’ve gotten older I’ve decided I don’t want to look my age! Or, if I have to look my age, I want my skin to look good. Uneven skin tone? Got it but don’t want it. Breakouts? Yes, those too! I thought those were supposed to go away after I left my teens behind.

Over the years I’ve tried lots of different skin care regimes. Some worked well and some didn’t but I still had uneven skin tone and occasional breakouts. When a friend recommended Simone France to me, I had to check it out. They offered a radically different approach to skincare. Their philosophy?

Whether your skin is too dry, too oily or too sensitive, the cause is almost always improper cleaning. Either too much cleansing with harsh products and over-exfoliation, or too little cleansing with overloads of heavy creams and failure to remove enough.

I realized this skincare regime was different when I was sent a detailed questionnaire asking me to describe my daily skin care routine. After I sent in my questionnaire, I received an indepth email describing what I needed to change in my skin care routine to create glowing skin. Since I live in a humid climate, I tend to have oily skin. I spent several times a day applying powder to reduce the oil. Imagine my surprise to read this:

Powder is the worst – it sticks in the pores and is difficult to remove. Over time the pigment builds up in your pores and causes uneven skin tone. And one of the purposes of powder is to dry out your skin to give you a matte finish. Finally, unless you clean them after each use, the brushes and puffs you use to apply powder and foundation are not sanitary after the first time you use them, so you end up re-applying previous days make up, oil and impurities.
Wow! Give up powder? It was hard, but I began to use a tissue to remove the oil instead. When I began to see a difference in my skin, I decided no more powder for me!

I took the Simone France skincare challenge for Normal to Oily Skin. I read the included directions and wondered if it would be too time consuming. The morning routine began with “The Sandwich”, a mixture of moisturizer, refining scrub, and soap. The evening routine included cleansing with Milk Cleaner and following with toner and optional moisturizer. Once a week, I scheduled a mask treatment. I discovered the day and night treatments took only a few minutes per day. The mask was a ten minute treatment that I could put on and forget while I did other things. I will say it does take a few minutes for the line minimizer to dry so start early if you are putting on makeup. The experts at Simone France also recommend going without makeup whenever possible but I haven’t been brave enough to go without makeup for long periods of time.

Want to learn more? Check out the Simone FranceSimone France site.

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    Probably this one, although it’s so simple and easy — drink lots of water! It helps our skin and our bodies so much. For a 2nd tip — curling your eyelashes makes a big difference! It helps you look healthier, prettier and as a bonus for moms – more awake! 😀

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