Scandle Candle for Relaxing Evenings Up for Grabs!

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When I first heard of Scandle Candle, I was skeptical. Advertised as a massage oil candle that combined the potent scent of a candle with the comfort of a essential oil massage lotion, I was to light up the candle. When it began to melt it would produce a fragrant massage oil to rub on my skin.

Why, exactly, I wondered, would I want to pour hot oil on my skin? Wouldn’t it hurt? Having a natural aversion to pain and having suffered through plenty of eyebrow waxing, it took me a few days to try it.

Did it hurt? The answer is no, it does not. The Scandle Body Candle burns at 2° above body temperature and feels wonderful when rubbed into my skin. The Scandle can be used as a body moisturizing lotion, massage oil, or on cuticles before giving myself a manicure. For people who would rather not use the Scandle as a massage candle, use a spoon to dip out some of the candle to rub onto skin.

Scandle Candles are different from other massage candles on the market today. Scandle
uses all natural ingredients including an all cotton wick, cosmetic grade soy oil, shea, and johoba to produce a shimmering, fragrant lotion to give your skin a healthy glow. These candles contain no paraffin to cause skin to feel greasy.

Scandle’s Shimmering Body Candle is the first candle to give skin a natural shimmer, hide wrinkles & imperfections by deflecting light, and hydrate skin. Not only is it healthy for your skin, but it is also healthy for the environment because it emits less soot and toxins into the environment than parrafin candles.

I received the four ounce Limited Edition Body Massage Travel Candle in Pumpkin Pie Spice described as the aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger; rounded out with buttery vanilla notes. It comes packaged in a square lightweight tin made of recycled ingredients. A silicone band which can be removed after use and used as an eco-wrist band reminder to “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle” is wrapped around the candle.

This candle smells so good that I almost hated to use it. I thought about saving it for Thanksgiving Day to add a pleasing aroma to the house. I knew my guests would ask me, “What’s that you cooked that smells so good?”

I tried using it both as a candle and by scooping out a small amount. I found it was easier to rub in when as a massage lotion. When I used it by scooping out a small amount, I found it to be slightly crumbly. However, a small amount was all that was needed to produce a lovely fragrance. The fragrance lasted through several hand washings and the oil kept my hands feeling soft hydrated. I loved the scent too. It reminded me of fall. This is one candle I am going to hide so I can use it all for myself.

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