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I try to persuade my children (and myself!) to drink more water. Water is essential to staying hydrated and it’s low cost. We don’t drink enough water because the kids say our tap water “tastes funny.” I have to agree with them. It has a certain “flavor.” I checked our area water supply and found the number of TDS (total dissolved solids) in our water was 66. I don’t even want to know what 66 solids are dissolved in our water but they make it taste funky.

To solve the “funky” taste, we bought bottled water. The kids could go through a twenty four pack in a couple of days. Although I recycled, I didn’t like the environmental impact. Not to mention the expense! The Zero Water
23 Cup Dispenser promised me water with “0 TDS” and a reduction of lead and chromium.

The ZeroWater filtration system combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water, delivering you great tasting water. This 23-cup system comes with the largest capacity filter dispenser on the market today, our patented Ion Exchange filter, a laboratory-grade water testing meter, and a guarantee to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water. ZeroWater’s first layer of filtration, activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy removes the chlorine taste you are accustom to with tap water. The Ion Exchange stage removes virtually all dissolved solids that may be left over from public water systems or even leached into your water from piping such as Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Nitrate and more.

My fourteen year old germaphobe pulled this out of the box the minute it arrived. He was able to set it up within five minutes. The way this works is simple. He added the water through the top. The water passed through the ion exchange filter and filled the tank. The process for approximately half a tank took around twenty minutes due to the three part filtration process. When the water was chilled my son pronounced, “It tastes just like bottled water.”

One word about the filters. Every area around the country will have a different TDS reading ranging from 001 to 501+. Ours is relatively low at 61. Our filter will last longer than filters with higher levels. I can expect each filter to purify 25 to 40 gallons of water before replacing the filter. I calculated the cost of buying replacement filters versus buying bottled water and found there was a significant savings.

I feel better knowing my family is drinking more water, using less plastics, and saving money. The zero water filter looks like it would take up a lot of space in the fridge but it takes up less than a twenty four pack of bottled water.

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    I learned that if Pets/people need distilled for health reasons their water gives you the same quality as distilled, without the electricity or hassle of transporting the water home from the store.

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    I learned the ZeroWater® technology was first developed to solve a mother’s fatigue from dragging gallons of bottled water jugs home from the grocery store. A father and son put their respective manufacturing and chemistry backgrounds to use to develop an in-home water filtration solution to meet the mother’s approval.

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