Celebrate Christmas with Think Geek #Giveaway

Every year I attend a Christmas party where we play “Silly Santa.” We all try to bring the strangest item we can find. It’s become a huge contest, with people bringing nasty rotted sneakers, and other impractical item. This year, I plan on winning the contest. My item will be unusual but I am sure everyone will try to hang onto the gift and keep others from taking it.
Turning to one of my favorite stores for inspiration, Think Geek, I found Zombie Brain bonbons.

Everyone expects to receive boring Chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. Zombie Brains take chocolate covered cherries to a new level. Made wit a thick rich dark chocolate shell, these Zombies have a tiny sprinkling of red chocolate on their face. Inside is a creamy red fondant, supposedly resembling blood but nothing so sinister, and a cherry “brain.” There are only six in a package , which at first disappointed me, until I tried one. Wow! These Bonbons are rich. It will only take one to meet the sweet quota I need. Of course they’re a lot bigger than traditional chocolate covered cherries too.

I wanted to find Bryan an unique stocking stuffer this year. He has to wear a tie to work everyday, poor unfortunate soul. I try to find him funky ties he will receive compliments on. Not too funky, of course, he is a conservative dresser. His idea of funky is his tie with Tabasco sauce bottles on it. This year, he’s going geek because I found a Redwood tie. It’s actually made from scraps of reclaimed redwood and designed to fold and bend like a real tie. While other family members get him traditional fabric ties, I’m gearing him up for a whole new look.

Finally, I decided my classroom could use some help. I teach a high school World History class. The Globe available for my use was stuck in the dark ages. Okay, maybe the nineties. Still, a lot has happened in fifteen to twenty years and we needed to catch up to speed. I found The City Lights Globe to bring us into the 21st century.

The City Lights Globe illuminates the cities of the world as they’re seen from orbit. As it automatically rotates, the lights glow in the areas where night has fallen. Just place your City Lights Globe on its shiny mirrored base and it will do the rest.

Think Geek has so many amazing products. I always find something I want-and so does the rest of the family-when we browse the website or look at the catalog. Seriously, my son and his friends have made the latest cataloged ragged and dog earred from looking at it so often.

Want to amaze your family with Think Geek Products this year? The members of CMM have teamed up with Think Geek to make your Holiday wishes come true. One lucky person will win a $100 gc to Think Geek.

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  1. says

    I adore all of their Interactive T-shirts! Sooo cool! In fact, they have been on my holiday gift list for a couple of months now. Love them…and hope Santa might even bring *me* one! :D

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  2. says

    I like the WiFi Detector shirt. I was recently at a tricky tray that one of the kids was wearing a shirt like this. It was the talk of our party.

  3. says

    The credit card lightbulb and it’s $3 – how good is that! Fits in your wallet AND you can light your door to find the keyhole if you forget to leave your houselight on! …and (cheating) but the periodic table building blocks posted just above me (went to find them on thinkgeek b/c my niece really would like these for Xmas)!
    - don’t know why my name shows as Unknown:

  4. Anonymous says

    My girls would LOVE the Sneaky Book for Girls and the night vision spy binoculars in the kids section.


    savvyhousewife @ yahoo.com

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