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I am a “hippy” gal. Not the classic Sixties hippy, but the one “blessed” with wide hips. I’m not thrilled with being pear shaped and have always begrudged my dad’s side of the family for gifting me with my hips. My daughter suggested I try a pair of “skinny jeans.” I was unimpressed with the way they fit my hips. A small roll had appeared over the sides of my jeans. My daughter helpfully told me this was a “muffintop.” Thanks, but no. I like muffins as food not as body parts.
The legs looked good but the bottom of the jeans were so tight it felt like the circulation in my ankles was being cut off. I decided to give up on jeans.

hello! SkinnyJeans made me rediscover my love for jeans. I loved their selection of funky colors to perk up the dismal winter days. These could be dressed up for casual days at work or dressed down for chilly evenings spent sitting around a bonfire.

I opted for the NiteWash, Barely Bootcut style when I read the description– The jean that makes everyone’s legs look slimmer and longer. I’m usually not comfortable in jeans. They feel stiff and sag in all the wrong places. hello! Skinny Jeans are soft and don’t pinch or bind in any of the wrong places. I could wear these jeans everyday!

The one problem I had with the jeans, which was completely my fault, was with the sizing. Because the jeans sit below the waist and the size is measured in inches, not traditional sizes, I used their sizing chart. Unsure of what size I needed, I chose a size too big and ordered the inseam a couple of inches to large. Next time, I will measure before I order. I’ve been wearing boots with heels with the jeans so the inseam has worked out fine.

What’s the scoop on hello! Skinny jeans? The people at hello! Skinny Jeans bare it all!

First, SkinnyJeans® are made from classic denim but with a high nylon/elastane content.

Second, the thighs are very ‘scooped’ out which drastically separates and slims the thighs and pushes the butt out creating a shapely silhouette.

Third, the inseams are drawn forward on the leg making it appear that there is less ‘real estate’ on the front of the leg.

Fourth, the inside non-stretch cotton pocketing lining the front pockets is sewn into the front seam so when the jeans are zipped up a restraining panel is created that pushes the entire stomach area in.

Fifth, the fading and shading pattern on the jeans creates an optical illusion front and back to slim the leg.The inside and outside seams are darkened to make the thighs appear slimmer. The sides of the hips are darker so the hips appear narrower. The buttocks are faded slightly but darker on the hip seams and at the top of the thighs creating ‘shape’ and making the back of the legs look slimmer. The front of the leg is slightly faded down the middle making the leg appear longer. Additionally, barely-visible whiskering above the natural leg break tricks the eye into seeing longer legs (as opposed to most jeans with patterns that make the hips look wider and thighs bigger!

Sixth, the cut is a ‘barely bootcut’ – this balances the shape of the thigh to the ankle making your thighs appear as slim as possible and legs as long as possible.

Seventh, the size, shape and placement of the pockets are solely to make the butt appear smaller and shapelier. There is no ‘junk’ on the pockets; no designs that make the butt appear droopy or wide, or placement of the pocket so low on the thigh that it shortens the leg or pockets so small they make the butt look huge in comparison.

My legs do look longer and slimmer in these jeans. Plus, my hips don’t look like over ripe pears any longer. These jeans will be my new wardrobe staple this winter!

Win It!
One person will receive a pair of hello! Skinny Jeans.

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