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by Pam on September 29, 2011

I love my swaddle sacks and I am sure that every Mom out there is with me on this one. If you aren’t a believer then you should try to get your baby to sleep with one for one night and without one the next night. You tell me what night you get more sleep yourself!

So we all know about SIDS and how horrible it is and I am sure that the majority of you guys know that Halo is huge on their sleep sacks, wearable blankets and now their swaddle sacks! My little guy is taking a nap in a sleep sack right now as I look at him!

So you might be thinking to yourself: why do I need to purchase yet another thing for my baby? My child hit a growth spurt and sprouted up too quick to stay swaddled in a blanket. It was absolutely pointless for me to try and I did them all night and tight! With these I just Velcro this wiggle worm in and voila he sleeps all night long!

So there are risks involved if you aren’t swaddling safely though. I know, I know. One more thing we new Moms have to worry about right? Each time we have taken Little Michael to the doctor they have checked his hips to make sure he doesn’t have hip dysplasia.

Hip Dysplasia is one of the most common conditions among newborn babies, affecting about 1% of North American newborns (about 75,000 per year). According to a recent survey conducted by HALO Innovations, 82% of parents choose to swaddle, and swaddling improperly can lead to Hip Dysplasia or dislocation. Treatment ranges from wearing a harness or brace to undergoing surgery. These conditions can get worse with age and are linked to early adult arthritis and hip-replacement surgery.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging Pediatricians to watch for signs of hip dysplasia and dislocation and to warn parents not to extend their baby’s frog-like legs straight when swaddling. There’s a temptation to stretch the legs out and that needs to be resisted. They need to be able to straighten themselves out naturally and gradually. Parents should allow for room in the swaddle – or sleepsack – for baby to bend at the hips.

I 100% recommend the Halo Swaddles! You know your baby is warm without extra blankets, they are sleeping on their back so the risk of SIDS is lower, they sleep longer swaddled and they come in light weight and fleece for different seasons. You can’t tell how much I recommend this product because I am behind a computer screen but I truly do!

I also love that the zipper starts at their feet and you can still change a diaper if you need to in the middle of the night! I just unzip it to the bottom of the swaddle portion and pull his legs out of the sack portion. They pretty much thought of everything which makes me a very happy customer!

You can visit their site to see the line of products and you can find a retailer near you. I do know that Target is selling them though!

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