Handy Helper: The 20V MaxLithium WorxAir

by Pam on October 24, 2014

I have a love-hate relationship with fall leaves. They look beautiful in their gorgeous colors, but they fall off the trees and land on my sidewalk, patio and driveway. Sometimes they blow into my garage., along with the tracked in dirt.  If that’s not bad enough, my family manages to find every leaf they possibly can get to stick to their shoes and bring them into the house.  Did you know 85% of dirt is tracked into the house at entry ways? My family tries to make sure we get all 85%  and sometimes more! Naturally, when offered a chance to try the 20V MaxLithium WORX Air, I was ecstatic. A chance to not sweep the floors several times a day due to tracked in dirt? Yes, please! Sign me up! So, what’s different about the WORX Air?

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Not only do I have my house to keep clean, I also have to clean the house for my dad, who has congestive heart failure. This seems like it would be an easy task since he is not able to move around much, but he’s a pack rat and extremely messy. He can spill more stuff on the floor than my kids did when they were toddlers! When his vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost, I thought,”No big deal. I will buy one for him.” Unfortunately, he has the thickest carpet I’ve ever seen, proving to be a downfall of vacuum cleaners everywhere. The kids got tired of unscrewing the hoses in the vacuum and pulling out thick fibers every ten feet or so. The kids decided to try my small vacuum and came through the house to inform me, “Hey, your vacuum just overheated, Mom.”   I was about to take desperate measures when I received the Samsung MotionSync Bagless Upright Vacuum with Detachable Handheld Vac and Built -In Accessories.

Samsung MotionSync Vacuum

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“I want to move in with you, Miss Pam!” my daughter’s best friend lamented recently. “Why did we move out on our own? It’s so expensive! I could live in Miss Pam’s office and she could cook for me!”  After briefly enjoying the reality check the kids had received, I thought what a great “just because” present a kitchen cleaning gift basket would be. I started with a mini tote, great for storing anything!, and added two microfiber dish clothes, five sponges, a dish washing scrubber and a brush for when the kids forget something is on the stove and let it bake to the bottom of the pan. On top of this I added a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid and a roll of paper towels.  Voila, an entire cleaning kit, giving my spare daughter some extra money to splurge on ramen noodles.
Make A Kitchen Clean Up Gift Basket

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I am a fan of tailgating–as long as the weather is warm. When the weather cools down, forget it. I am happy to sit in my family room, curled up in a blanket, to watch the game. I can eat the same goodies as I could in the cold, not have to breathe in exhaust fumes while entertaining friends. The downside-making sure the house is clean before guests arrive- is a small price to pay. As most of you know, whenever I entertain I believe in easy. I don’t want to spend hours rushing around my kitchen, cooking fancy-smancy dishes people may or may not eat. That’s why I have partnered with Lunchbox to bring you this recipe for Creamy Chipotle Onion Dip. With only four ingredients, that’s right, four, it comes together in minutes and can be served with whatever you have on hand; chips, pretzels or veggie dippers.
creamy chipotle onion dip
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Why Parents Will Love WebSafety

by Pam on October 21, 2014

The internet is a beautiful thing. Through it I have developed friendships with people from around the world, found information in seconds that used to take hours of research and found hundreds of opportunities I would have never imagined in my “B.C.” (before computer) life.  Like all good things, the internet also has a dark side.  There are scary reports of things I never had to deal with as a child; cyberbullying, predators and overuse of social media.  We’re told to talk to our kids about the dangers of the internet on a regular basis, but sometimes it doesn’t have a lot of effect. I know I used to catch my daughter trying to Facebook message her friends long after it was time for lights out and used to catch my son playing an online game when he was supposed to be doing homework.  I used to think, “There has to be a better solution to online safety than using my stealthy parenting skills!” I’ve finally found one and am partnering with them to share the news with you: WebSafety.
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Don’t Miss the Cat Must Haves Christmas Shopping List! #BBNshops

October 20, 2014

It has finally happened. I had been teetering on the edge for years, but I have finally launched over into “crazy cat lady” status. At two recent events I attended, while everyone was showing pictures of their families, I passed around pictures of Mitzie wearing her Hello Kitty dress. This is not as strange as [...]

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Purina Better With Pets Summit Adventures

October 19, 2014

Sometimes being the Crazy Cat Lady (and dog!) has its perks.  One of them was my recent trip to New York City to attend the  Purina Better With Pets Summit.   Our day consisted of learning some of the newest innovations, medical treatments and scientific research with pets, along with some fun surprises and inspiring, [...]

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