Clean shaven at last!

Back to school shopping for college guys can be stressful. What do they need? How can I fit it in their broom closet of a dorm? Will they actually use any of the shaving products I buy for them, or will they disappear into the shared bathroom cabinet, never to be seen or thought of again? With two boys in the house- one off at college, and one about to head there- I know how hard it seems to be to keep them clean-shaven. We’re constantly fighting the Battle of the Beard. I know the excuses: they’re busy studying, playing sports, and hanging out with their friends. There’s no time! There’s no space!

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My family received a complimentary meal to No Mas Cantina through the travel campaign with New Creative Media.   All opinions expressed are  my own and my family’s. Any additional expenses incurred were my own.  
After a busy day in Atlanta, Georgia, we were on our way to No Mas! Cantina, Hacienda, and Adios Café. We weren’t sure what to expect, other than good food, because a friend of mine had been at the Cantina only a week prior. She came back raving about how good the food was. With our hopes high, we parked in the lot behind No Mas! Cantina and walked into Adios Café and the Hacienda. The café offers breakfast, dessert, and coffee seven days a week. When we walked in, it was too late for breakfast, but chocolates and desserts in the case were calling our name. Since we would be eating in fifteen minutes, we had to pass, but temptation was strong.
No Mas 2
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Can’t Do it All? #imenough!

by Pam on July 29, 2014

This conversation is sponsored by the Mrs. Band, but all opinions are my own.

“I have always felt so guilty,” I confessed to one of my friends, “what if I caused my son’s learning problems?” During my pregnancy I had suffered health problem after health problem, cumulating with some experimental medication I was on for 24 hours. When my son was diagnosed with dysgraphia, my guilt intensified. Perhaps the medication could have caused it? “You can’t feel that way,” my friend assured me. “You are a good mom. Look at all the things you have done to help him!”


The wind was blowing in this picture!

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Have you ever felt like your life was out of balance? That’s the way my summer started. I felt like I was missing way too many opportunities to do fun things with friends and family. I had a mile long list of things I wanted to accomplish; cleaning out all the cabinets and closets in my home, cleaning the garage, redoing my patio. I also wanted to reconnect with friends I kept putting off because I was “too busy.” And, if I could squeeze in a little “me” time, the summer would be perfect!
my balance

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Taste It! at The World Of Coca-Cola

by Pam on July 28, 2014

My family received complimentary tickets to the World of Coca-Cola through the travel campaign with New Creative Media.   All opinions expressed are  my own and my family’s. Any additional expenses incurred were my own.  
When I was homeschooled and my dad worked as a district manager, we travelled a lot as a family. Although I didn’t appreciate all of my experiences at the time, there was one thing I was always excited to see. That was the World of Coca-Cola, in Atlanta, Georgia. Near the end of his district manager days with that company, we heard that the World of Coca-Cola was going to be moved into a brand new, even better building. That was years ago, but I never found the time to make the two hour drive to see the new one.
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Got Photogenic Pets? Enter the #AvodermGlow contest!

July 27, 2014

Our pets are very important to us. Sure, they don’t talk much, but they’re always there for me. Whether I’m trying to write a blog post on the couch, cooking a meal for the family, taking a rare nap, or cleaning the house, the cats are constantly “helping.” Since the cats do so much around [...]

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Movie Night With Febreze Noseblind (And Giveaway!)

July 27, 2014

When my daughter was younger, my house always seemed to be full of teenagers coming and going. Sometimes they would dirty up my kitchen with their latest recipe creations, and sometimes they would plop down on the couch for a marathon of their favorite TV shows. Over the years, with my daughter and her friends [...]

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