How to Use Skype when Traveling

This summer has been a whirlwind of travel for me. Between vacation, work and getting ready to move a kid into college, I have spend a lot of time on the go.  The sad fact is I worry while I am away.  Sometimes I need to check in on the kids and boss them around ask them politely to do something for me.  Sometimes I am worried about all the animals.  Are those rabbits digging out of their pen? Are the cats making a big mess in the house and no one is cleaning it up?  I can connect with them on the computer using Skype and see what’s happening at home.  This is a major plus because I can see if the house is clean enough for “mom standards” and not just “kid standards.”  But, Skype is not just for checking in at home anymore! I’ve learned several other ways to improve my travel experience.
Sioux Falls

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Fruited Honey Lemonade Recipe (Gluten Free)

Recently I had the honor of meeting Marie Simmons, author of over twenty cookbooks and former columnist for Bon Appetit. She dazzled me with the variety of honey recipes she presented (and we got to taste.) All I could think of was, “I can’t wait to get back home and begin making honey recipes!” I arrived home to two problems; someone had used the rest of the honey while I was gone and some of the recipes she shared were time consuming. Being pressed for time, I decided to wait to try her recipes. But, since honey is a natural gluten free food, I found a bunch of easy recipes on the National Honey Board website and began changing the ingredients and adapting them for my family. We had tried several honey drinks and I knew I could whip together a drink in minutes. After browsing the honey lemonade recipes, I came up with an even easier version, because I am all about easy recipes.
Fruited Honey Lemonade
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Show your #PureLoveForPets & Contest

purina prize pack

When people ask me if the pets in our family are spoiled, I tell them this story about my daughter's cats. One day my daughter walked through her house and found her husband running around several rooms, whistling, followed by their cats. "What are … Read More...

Gluten Free Five Layer Bars

Gluten Free Five Layer Bars

This post is brought to you by CafeMom and Chex TM. All opinions are my own. When my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease, our world was turned upside down. My repertoire of quick recipes was turned upside down; no more quick meals of … Read More...

Four Summer Shape Up Essentials

pool 2

Aw, summer time. That breezy, easy time of wearing shorts, spending lots of time outdoors, and being able to do activities to get fit and shape up.  Winter zaps my motivation and causes me to want to curl up inside beside a heater.  In the summer I … Read More...

Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe #glutenfree

homemade strawberry jam

Did I ever mention how much I hated canning when I was young? My parents had an acre and a half garden and they utilized every inch of it. My mom would can everything she could get her hands on; peas, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, soup, okra, apples, … Read More...