Almond Amaretto Pound Cake Recipe

This is a partnered post with Aldi, but all delicious opinions are my own.
One of my favorite desserts as a child was my mom’s Million Dollar Pound Cake. It had a dense texture, an awesome burst of flavor from the three different extracts used, and a crumbly crust I loved, making it one of the first items to be devoured at our annual 4th of July festivities, especially when topped with a scoop of homemade ice cream. This year, we plan to host a 4th of July party for friends and I needed a dessert that would hold up well in the heat and still taste great. I remembered the delicious Million Dollar Pound Cake and thought, I’ll expound on= that recipe and make an Almond Amaretto Cheesecake. Wow! I’ve been sharing this with my extended family and it’s been a hit with everyone. I don’t think this one will make it until the 4th, which gives me the perfect excuse to make another one.
Almond Amaretto Cake
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Southern Style Barbeque Pork Cuban Sandwich Recipe

I live in the South, where bar-be-que is a big deal. There’s hundreds (maybe thousands) of bar-be-que joints, and each state thinks they have the “best.” If you attend a cookout during the summer, there’s a strong chance you’ll have a choice of bar-be-que along with the usual hamburgers and hot dogs. Everyone has their own “secret” family recipe, supposedly passed down through generations. Our family’s recipe is rich, sweet and tangy, and I’m going to share how to make it, thanks to Lunchbox, who sponsored this post.  I can’t promise it will be the “absolute best” you’ve ever had, but it is pretty tasty! This makes some pretty amazing bar-be-que pork sandwiches with a twist. I like to call them my Southern Style Bar-be-que Cuban sandwiches. Plus, the slow cooker recipe means minimal prep time. Just set back and enjoy the compliments when you’re done!
Southern Style BBQ Pork Cuban Sandwich
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Savoring the Summer with PetGiftBox

PetGiftBox Toys

Have I mentioned how spoiled my cats are? I had to go out-of-town recently and when I returned, I found Trix's PetGiftBox, which they graciously sent for the cats, sitting on the floor by the door in the family room.  The cats were unimpressed no one … Read More...