Easy 3 Ingredient Lime Pie Recipe (Plus Gluten Free Option)

Spring is finally in the air (says the person who was in Chicago last week where it started snowing as I walked around. That is just wrong. There should be no snow in the spring!) It’s time to pull out the spring recipes; those easy no bake recipes that don’t warm up the kitchen and take minutes to prepare. This recipe has been in the family since I was a kid, but we usually used it to make lemon pie. Since Bryan’s favorite pie is Key Lime I decided to mix things up a little and make his favorite. I wanted individual sized servings so I picked up some premade graham cracker pie shells, but this could easily be made into a single pie.
easy lime pies

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Why Our Cats Are Only Natural Pet! #PawNatural

This post is sponsored by OnlyNatural, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the launch of a new topical flea and tick treatment, but Simply Southern Mom only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. OnlyNatural is not responsible for the content of this article.

I want the best for everyone in my family, including my pets. My family may tease and say I am the Crazy Cat Person, they are as devoted to the little balls of fluff as I am. One thing I never knew before I had cats was all the problems they could have. Mitzie, our almost four-year old, has a grain allergy. My first words when the vet told me this, “I have a celiac cat to go along with my celiac kid?” Our almost thirteen year old cat, Sassie, has problems as well. We’ve been through the gauntlet with her, finding conditions I didn’t know could ever happen with cats! We’ve battled anemia, anorexia, and more. Because of their health conditions, I am extremely picky when it comes to their cat food. I need something that tastes good to them, has all the nutrients they need, and is grain free. Naturally, when offered a chance to try new grain free Feline PowerFood ™ by Only Natural Pet®, my cats gave me the paws up!
okie relaxing

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How To Make Vanilla Extract From Scratch

vanilla ingredients

Once, on a long past business trip with Bryan to Mexico, I asked him to "pick up a large bottle of vanilla." I had expected two or three ounces. He returned with the largest bottle of vanilla I had ever seen. "Um ,honey," I responded when I saw it, … Read More...

How I Became the Crazy Cat Lady #Pethood


"Okie, can you get the clothes out of the dryer for me, please?" I ask. My request is followed by total silence.  I look up from the onions I am chopping to see my son staring at me,  "What?" "You called me the cat's name," he replied.  "Oh, hmmm," I … Read More...