Why we celebrate #WeMoments!

Winter seems to have settled in to stay. The days are short and gloomy and the freezing temperatures keep us inside. Staying cooped up in close quarters with friends, family or work colleagues means one thing; plenty of germs to spread around. I spend a lot of my time thinking, “Do NOT share your cold/flu/sniffly, sneezy bug with me.” Thankfully, for the last three months I’ve been testing the Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo technology. Since I have used the Air Purifier almost daily for the past three months, I’m able to give you the scoop on what I have learned.
wemo 4

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Natural Beauty Abounds at Old Stone Fort State Park Tennessee

Having spent the last few weeks stuck in the house due to the inclement weather in our area, Bryan announced, “Let’s take a day trip to Old Stone Fort State Park.” Located in Manchester, Tennessee, this park is a site created by Native Americans, during the Middle Woodland Period, 1,500-2,000 years ago. It was used by the Native Americans for over 500 years and then abandoned. Later it was discovered by European Settlers who mistaken called it a fort. Today it is well known to locals as a beautiful place to hike, picnic and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Old Stone Fort Pictures
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Hometown Help from Champions For Kids

champions for kids

This is a sponsored post with Champions for Kids and the Motherhood. All opinions are my own. "I do not like being poor," my daughter informed me crossly. The year was 2008 and the company Bryan worked for at the time was floundering.  He had … Read More...

Gluten Free Caramel Apple Pancake Recipe

Caramel Apple Pancakes take 2

Since my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac we have had our share of gluten free goodies and flat out failures. This causes some members of my family to regard gluten free items suspiciously. My son flat out asks, "What are you making for dinner? Is … Read More...

Simple Green Tea Lotion Recipe

take 4

The winter weather in Georgia this year has been unpredictable.  We were having a mild winter when Bam! along came sleet, slush and more snow than we had in years. All of this left me with dry skin and a fierce  longing for spring.  I am determined … Read More...