Surrounded by buffalo close enough for me to touch, I felt like I had entered the Wild West instead of Land Between The Lakes, an 170,000 acre national recreation area in western Kentucky.  Our day began with a driving tour of the Elk and Bison Prairie.  We had been informed the best time to visit to find the animals active was early in the morning or at dusk.  We were informed correctly because as we rounded a curve what seemed to be the entire herd stood in the middle of the road. We would probably still be waiting for them to move out of the road, but a park worker came by and told us we could drive through the herd if we went very slowly.  I couldn’t believe how close we were to the buffalo!  The elk were more elusive; standing far from us in the middle of a field.
Bison Land Between the Lakes

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chessy chicken casserole

“Awesome,” I told one of my parents, when my students gave me a gift certificate for Christmas, “I can buy some pencils, paper and crayons for the class.” She laughed for a minute, while I looked her in confusion. “Wait,” she said, “you are serious! You spend your own money on school supplies?” “Yes,” I said, “there is no budget for supplies.” Her daughter returned to school after Christmas and handed me two boxes of pencils. “They’re from my mom,” she said. Until I became a teacher I didn’t realize how much of their own money teachers spent to keep the classroom stocked with basic supplies. That’s why I love programs like Campbell’s Labels for education. By saving and redeeming product UPCs from over 2500 participating products, schools can earn free educational materials like computers, sports equipment, musical instruments and library books.  As a bonus, right now you can participate in the Campbell’s Sweepstakes, allowing 1000 schools to win $1000.  No purchase is necessary and I can guarantee your child’s teacher would love you forever if you won!

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Snickers Vase

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. For the past three weeks my life seemed to be spinning off in a tangent. Instead of writing my own series of unfortunate events, I decided to make a pay it forward gesture. There’s nothing like giving someone a fun gift to raise my spirits. I thought about baking some goodies, but after looking through my dessert recipes and chocolate recipes, I decided to do something different, something unexpected. After all, I could make baked goods for my family whenever I wanted too. While browsing at Sam’s Club, I saw chocolate candy bars. “It’s almost football season,” I thought, “why not make a gift they can use when tailgating?” [click to continue…]


A little black dress and a black bag. That’s my go to combination when I want to feel sleek and sophisticated. Add some black heels and any color of cardigan and I’m dressed for success. When Old Spice conducted a poll of men ages 18-35 about their favorite combinations they received some surprising answers. Mullets and overalls? Comb and comb overs? Seriously??  Some answers weren’t as surprising. Forty percent of men said the combination of hammer and nails was their top choice to fix almost anything, which could be why so many things are still in need of repair.

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Is it really time for back to school? The summer has flown by and the kids are getting ready for our school year routine. That means I have to get back into the routine too. I’m not even remotely a morning person and over the summer allowed myself to slack from my 7 AM wake up call. I needed some sort of early morning energy boost asap. I’ve been trying to improve my health habits when I stumbled across Mamma Chia products in my local health food store.
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The Scoop on Simple Solution & Giveaway!

August 23, 2014

“I think Mom missed the cats more than me!” my son told Bryan when I arrived home from a trip. I didn’t, but the cats seemed happier to see me than the teenager. Our cats are like the small furry kids in the family and rank high on the spoiled meter. In fact, they are [...]

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Back to School with Keurig #JustBrewIt

August 22, 2014

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. Sending my daughter off to college was an adventure. It took two years for us to find the perfect college for her, and when it was time to pack, we had no clue what she should and shouldn’t [...]

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