Ain’t No Fleas on Me! #PetArmorPlus Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Perrigo Animal Health, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the launch of a new topical flea and tick treatment, but Simply Southern Mom only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Perrigo Animal Health is not responsible for the content of this article.

“Your cat is anemic, has anorexia and might need a blood tranfusion,” our vet informed us. I stared at her in shock. I knew Sassie had been listless for the past few days, but wasn’t sure how it had came to this stage. “What caused this?” I asked, thinking she must have some dreaded disease. “Fleas,” she answered. “Wait a minute,” I protested, “I put flea medicine on her every month!” I was sure our status as responsible pet owners had gone down the drain. The vet assured me that she believed me, since Sassie had flea treatment on her neck, but it was not working for her. After an alternative treatment plan and days of me force feeding Sassie electrolyte replacement, she finally started to improve. That’s when I vowed to get serious about flea and tick prevention.

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Easy 3 Ingredient Lime Pie Recipe (Plus Gluten Free Option)

Spring is finally in the air (says the person who was in Chicago last week where it started snowing as I walked around. That is just wrong. There should be no snow in the spring!) It’s time to pull out the spring recipes; those easy no bake recipes that don’t warm up the kitchen and take minutes to prepare. This recipe has been in the family since I was a kid, but we usually used it to make lemon pie. Since Bryan’s favorite pie is Key Lime I decided to mix things up a little and make his favorite. I wanted individual sized servings so I picked up some premade graham cracker pie shells, but this could easily be made into a single pie.
easy lime pies

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How To Make Vanilla Extract From Scratch

vanilla ingredients

Once, on a long past business trip with Bryan to Mexico, I asked him to "pick up a large bottle of vanilla." I had expected two or three ounces. He returned with the largest bottle of vanilla I had ever seen. "Um ,honey," I responded when I saw it, … Read More...

How I Became the Crazy Cat Lady #Pethood


"Okie, can you get the clothes out of the dryer for me, please?" I ask. My request is followed by total silence.  I look up from the onions I am chopping to see my son staring at me,  "What?" "You called me the cat's name," he replied.  "Oh, hmmm," I … Read More...