Easy Pear Puppy Snacks (for kids!) and Family Movie Day

When the weather outside is too cold, dark and gloomy to be outdoors, it’s time to find activities to do indoors with the kids. If the kids are bored and need something creative to do, why not have a family movie afternoon and then try some fun activities? I’ve included some of the latest releases from Shout Factory and a fun idea for each movie.  Why not start by making these fun animal themed snacks?  If the kids won’t eat fruit, they’ll probably be tempted by these cute animal shaped snacks that look like puppies.
Easy Animal Themed Snacks

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Our #WeMoments with The Holmes Smart Air & Giveaway

We haven’t had Snowmageddon 2015 in the South, but we’ve had our share of nasty weather. Chilly overcast days with wind whipping the rain into our faces have managed to drive us indoors and keep us there.  Not being able to spend much time outside has been bad, but a flu outbreak in our area has made almost everyone I come into contract with sick and sniffly. That’s why I’ve been enjoying my new Holmes Smart Air Purifier with WeMo.  This air purifier does things I didn’t even know was possible! Sure, it uses True HEPA filtration to capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles, like smoke, pet dander, mold, pollen and dust, and operates so quietly that I sometimes forget it is running. But, what is so amazing about the Holmes Smart Air Purifier is the WeMo technology.  
Holmes Smart Air Purifier WeMo enabled

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Copycat Tortuga Rum Cake Recipe

Copycat Mini Tortuga Rum Cakes

A couple of weeks ago I shared our search to find an easy Icelandic Cookie recipe for my son's cultural Geography class. When he came home and informed me his class was once again doing a project, this time on Central and Latin America, I told him, … Read More...