Help Dogs In Need with Pedigree Dog Food

by Pam on October 1, 2014

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I had no intention to adopt a dog when Bryan suggested we stop by the local animal shelter. I passed down the aisle of dogs, thinking how many cute ones were available, until we passed by a small Corgi/Dachshund mix with soulful eyes. We left the shelter with the small dog, now christened “Rio.” Later, after learning our local shelter has to put down 90% of their animals, we became foster parents to Minnie, who was on death row. Adopting and fostering was one of the best decisions we have made! Rio is a loyal companion to my daughter, sleeping with her and spending lots of time snuggling, while Minnie is a loveable furball who enjoys playing fetch the Frisbee and long walks.
Rio and PedigreeGives


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Blogging looks so easy. Write a few posts, schedule them and voila! Instant success. If only… For every blogger that becomes an instant overnight sensation, there are tens of thousands of smaller bloggers toiling away everyday. When I began blogging I was a new to homeschooling mom who had quit my teaching job.  I loved my kids, but even though we were active in the local homeschooling groups, I missed adult interaction on a regular basis.  Slowly, along the way, my kids grew older and did less cute things for pictures and posts.  I decided to start a new blog and completely change the focus.  But, where to start? I had no idea.  I joined a several blog forums and began looking for ideas. I discovered certain blogger forms I made with Microsoft Home Office 365 made my life so much easier.   Here’s some blogging tips  I learned over the years.
Office 365 Blogger Forms

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Dishes Done Right: An Organization Story

by Pam on September 30, 2014

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up tasty treats.  I also love to entertain and want to have nice table setting for my guests.  Combine this with my love of picking up cute, low cost plates at the local thrift store to create mix & match table settings and, you guessed it, I have a problem.

Organizing the Kitchen with the Epson Label Works

Nicely organized after shot. Sorry, no messy before shots!

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Happy, Healthy Cat Tips & Hills Giveaway

by Pam on September 29, 2014

Crash. Bash. The antique vase was smashed. This was the story of my life when we got our oldest cat, Sassie. She spent as much of her time as possible sitting on top of furniture, pushing, pushing, pushing objects with her paw.  No matter how many times I moved her, she would return to her perch to happily try to push any available item to the floor.  It took me a while, but finally I wised up and purchased her a stocking full of toys for Christmas.  Now we have a house full of cats and cat toys. I’ve learned a lot about cat care over the years and know they need stimulation and physical activity  to help them be happy pets and healthy pets.
Okie looking cute
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“What am I going to eat?” my daughter asked when she was diagnosed with Celiac. Mealtimes were not so quick and easy anymore. I couldn’t stop for a quick round of fast food. My daughter also discovered she had a hard time hanging out with friends when they wanted to run out for pizza or a sandwich. I decided to make it my mission to find easy recipes that would appeal to everyone. Finding products like McCormick Gluten-Free recipe mix, which comes in four flavors and are made without gluten, MSG or artificial color has helped speed up my evenings. The best part? They are not more expensive than “regular mixes.” These easy gluten free recipes I am sharing today are great for Fall or Tailgating party. No one will know they are Gluten-Free recipes! It will be our secret.

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