Hampton Inn and Suites, Hopkinsville

by Pam on September 20, 2014

After an exciting day of sightseeing, I look forward to an evening of  relaxing when I reach the hotel.  If I get a little pampering in the process, that’s a-ok.  When we reached the Hampton Inn and Suites in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the first thing I noticed was the free  coffee and tea bar provided for the guests around the clock.  Did I mention homemade cookies were available as well? Conveniently located 4 miles from the Cherokee Trail of Tears park and six miles from the Breaker Aquatic Park, the hotel is close enough to be near the action,  but far enough to be away from the noisy hustle and bustle.  The clerk  told me about the amenities, which included free wifi (Score!) and a free continental breakfast the next morning.
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Casual Family Dining at Randy’s Restaurant

by Pam on September 19, 2014

I’ve driven by Randy’s Restaurant in Trenton, Georgia numerous times over the years, but never stopped. Friends had told me I needed to try it, but I was always either rushing to a family reunion in another state or driving home, stuffed to the gills, when I passed by. Last Friday, when dropping off one of the kids to work at the county fair, I told Bryan, “I have a certificate from Restaurant.com and we are going to have a nice quiet dinner at Randy’s Restaurant.”  The first thing I noticed was the sign outside the restaurant reading “home of the 48 ounce burger.” If you eat one of these in 30 minutes, it’s free and you get a t-shirt and picture on the wall.  I knew this wasn’t going to be happening so I requested a menu.

The inside of the restaurant reminded me of a throwback to the Seventies.  The inside was decorated in red and black with Georgia Bulldog accessories and the tables and chairs were vintage, but this didn’t seem to bother the patrons. The restaurant had a steady stream of customers and take out customers during our entire meal.  It didn’t hurt that the staff was exceptional.  No sooner had we been seated than the waitress appeared to take our drink order.  Not only did she stop by often to check on us, other waitresses stopped by too, keeping our drinks refilled, offering rolls and desserts and making sure everything was okay.


I couldn’t believe Bryan started with a salad when all the lovely seafood was on the buffet. :)

Friday night was Steak and Seafood night on the buffet, making our choice easy for us.  The price was $12.95 each, but included all you could the all you could eat Salad Bar, the buffet bar, complete with veggies and more, desserts and a drink with free refills.  I placed a stuffed crab on my plate and decided it was so good I needed to go back and get another one.  The salad bar was not the largest I had ever seen, but it was adequate. And, really,  I wasn’t planning on having salad when I could have all the seafood I wanted.
Randys Restaurant
I finished off my meal with a small piece of carrot cake. It was rich, moist and had just the right amount of cream cheese frosting. I also had a bite of their chocolate cake (for review purposes, of course), but thought it was little dry.

Garlic rolls

I had planned on only having a bite of my garlic roll, but it was so tasty I ate the entire thing!

Randy’s specializes in Southern cooking, which I love, and has daily specials.  I admit, I had not been in this area often because I dislike crossing the mountain to get to Trenton, but the food was good enough that I will make the special trip for return visits! If you are traveling down Interstate 59, Randy’s is approximately a mile off the Trenton exit and well worth a stop.

I am a member of the Restaurant.com #reviewcrew and received compensation for this post. All opinions are our own.


Rio +PetSmart= Happy Halloween!

by Pam on September 18, 2014

Halloween- and the accompanying dressing up–was always a favorite with my kids.  As they got older, they still enjoyed dressing up and handing out candy.  They didn’t want the fun too stop with themselves though and asked if we could dress up Sassie, who was an only cat at the time. We found a small cow costume at Pet Smart and tried it on her.  The result was less than impressive and involved lots of disgusted looks from Sassie and several scratched fingers and hands on our part.  Fast forward from that day to three years ago when we stopped by the animal shelter and found Rio, the Corgi mix.  ”Can we dress Rio up for Halloween?” they asked.  Once again we got a costume from Pet Smart. The results went much more smoothly.  Rio didn’t mind being dressed up and loved the attention he received when walking around the neighborhood. Since then, it’s been a tradition.

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Marshmallow Popcorn Bars Recipe -Gluten Free

by Pam on September 17, 2014

One of the easiest ways I know to spend family time, especially when everyone is tired from a long day, is to have a television night. We all pick one movie or television program we enjoy and add it to our list of “to be watched” items. Sometimes we will pick a series on Netflix and watch one episode a night for several nights in a row. No matter what we watch, it’s more fun if we have a yummy snack to munch on during our viewing. One of our favorites is popcorn. Sometime I up the ante with this delicious candy popcorn. Because everyone needs a little chocolate in their life and also because it doesn’t take long to make. I want to watch the show with the kids, not spend all evening cooking. This is gluten free, allowing the celiacs in the family to be able to dive in with the rest of us.
popcorn marshmallow bars
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“Only take a bite of something,” my mom would tell me when we attended family reunions, “you can always go back and get more.” My mother was a huge proponent of the waste not, want not theory.   She would have been appalled to know 31% of all food in America wasted.  Last month I partnered with Food Future 2050 to  share four ways to reduce food waste and save money.  This month,  after learning how inconsistency in date labeling confuses people, (should we go by the sell by date? the use by date? the best by date?), I am offering four more simple ways to save money without wasting food.  And, yes, as I said last month, I still have my guilty moments, but I am working on it!
food future
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Convenience & Affordability with the AT&T GoPhone

September 16, 2014

This post is sponsored. All products mentioned and reviewed on this page are compliments of AT&T. All opinions of the products are my own. I am the weird mom who determines when the kids get a cell phone on a case by case basis. My daughter, who was always active and on the go, received [...]

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I’m Taking the 30 Days to Better Skin Challenge

September 15, 2014

This #30days2betterskin  shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #collectivebias I was once an avid fitness buff. I took karate three times a week,  hiked, powered walked at least five times a week, and ate healthy.  As time has passed and my life grew more hectic, I [...]

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