The Cats Go Pro with Purina & GoPro Giveaway

My family thought I had ventured into crazy cat lady territory before, but their suspicions were confirmed when a package from Purina arrived in the mail. “Hey, look,” the kids exclaimed, “it’s a Go-Pro Camera and coupons for Purina Pro Plan for cats.  We can use this Go-Pro to take pictures of all our activities this summer.” “The Go-Pro is for the cats,” I informed them. Total silence.  The kids walked off mumbling under their breath about “finally succumbing to crazy cat lady status.”  Naturally, I will allow the kids to use the Go-Cam because our cats are lazy and cantankerous.  If I invited friends over to watch an evening of Cat-Cam videos, my friends would take in the three hours of sleeping cats and then never visit again.   Plus, getting my fingers bitten off while trying to attach the Go-Pro to the cats didn’t seem fun.
Okie Go Pro

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Crococun: Amazing Zoo in the Riviera Maya

When my family decided to go to Mexico as my high school graduation present, I was beyond excited. But, I didn’t want to be one of those people who just sat on the resort the whole trip. (If you’re one of those people, that’s fine too.) My family started looking for excursions beyond the resort, and one thing we discovered was Crococun.
Crococun, located in Puerto Morales, is an interactive conservationist zoo. I’ve been to some petting zoos and conservation areas before, but let me tell you: there’s nothing like this anywhere I’ve been before.
When we arrived, our family was assigned a personal tour guide through the zoo. Our tour guide was a native Mexican, but had lived in Texas in his youth, and spoke perfect English. The tour lasted a little over an hour, and took us fully into the habitats of many native Mexican animals.
crococun 1

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